Friday, October 28, 2005

Deja vu ~Anpan-man~

I just finished watching Anpan-man and you know . . . they were playing football. Shokupan-man kicked the ball nicely like "Shoku Kiiiick!". Then Currypan-man received it and -

"Curry Puuuunch!"

Huh? A hand ball? Wasn't that a hand ball? Was he that goofy type of man? - I thought so and then the next moment:

"Shoku Puuuunch!"

Eh?? Another hand ball! It's not a football game any more.

Now Currypan-man received the ball by blasting curry out of his mouth. (yuck)

And then what Shokupan-man said was:
"That's not fair to blast curry~"

I say, a hand ball could be more obvious foul than stopping the ball by blasting curry.

But that would be what the author aimed at. I wonder if it might be a message that says "Don't be slave to convention" . . .

Once again I'm puzzled by Anpan-man . . . Anpan-man is far too trippy to understand when you watch it on the late afternoon of the holiday from the busy, tiring time . . . Doesn't it happen to you too? Perhaps it doesn't. Probably.

Bye Baiolence~* (^-^)O

I'll go have a nap now . . .