Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Pooh-werBook

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Image of the bandaid put on my PowerBook as the battery nearly comes off while carrying around.

Well, now here let me figure out all the problems that I've recently raised and just left unsolved!

~ Winnie the Pooh = Winnie the Farter Bear suspicion ~

The son of the author A. A. Milne named his teddy bear "Winnie" after the bear "Winnipeg" that had been the star of London Zoo at that time and always loved it; he had a memory that he had come across a swan named "Pooh" during a family trip.

They say "Winnie the Pooh" was made by combining these two stories*

I see . . . but, what I still don't get is its Japanese name! They've omitted the key "Winnie" and abbreviated the words to "Kuma no Pooh-san(Pooh-san the Bear) . . . Is that a good idea? Is that a last resort the translator made after wondering which to take, combination of sounds or understandability??

If I were the one on the mission, I would give more priority to the sound that kids may like and the pun of the original title, so:

"Winnie ga Pooh(Winnie does Pooh)"

- could be the name I would think up*(So you really wanna take the whole story in the direction of fart thing, huh?)

. . . You know I did a translation of a picture book once. Pretty scary huh. I bet I'll never get any offers again in the future. (-_-)

~ What is G of G-String? ~

The word G-String has been recognized already in the end of 19th century. However, its origin is still a mystery though there are various stories about it!

It's quite unlikely that it comes from musical terms (G-string of string instruments) considering there's a record that Americans called the fundoshi that the inhabitants of the Philippines wore as G-string. The relevance is too low.

As a result of survey, the most feasible theory I thought was that it came from the riding whip made of leather! The literature of an early date mentions it as gee-string! Gee is a shout used in horse riding, and whips were commonly called "string" in America in 19th century.

Leather whip - Looks very much like Filipino inhabitants' fundoshi - Leads to the modern string-pants G-string (T-back) ! !
How is that!

Well, the truth of G is still cloaked in historical mystery. Having that said! At least it has proven that fundoshi is the original T-back!

Now I'm satisfied*

P.S. It seems like my Kuma Chang's got a lot of comments and trackbacks, which made him pretty much satisfied*
Thank you!(-.- )/

Ultra Blue United Blog has been started

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Weeeeeeeep !

What a pity ! !

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mr. Positive of the day

You know, there's an entry field where you enter your name and stuff when you send an email to me, right?

It seems like, some people get stuck with it like "I can't find any 'occupation' that fits me in the drop-down menu." They're the people like working housewives, graduate students, and so on.

Well, today I got this spiffy email so let me show it to you:

"I'm a rouninsei but I selected 'university student' in the menu. I'm positive."

. . . So, I would like to reward this 18-year-old W-san with the honor of "Mr. Positive of the day" ! !

You're such a nice guy! (- o -)
You made me move to tears! I'm sure you can make it! Yes!

Good luck to all rouninsei-sans around the world!

Oh yeah! You know what, this site has been powered up by the maintenance last night-!

The greatest point is that you're now able to see the images on your ke-tai!! All the previous images can be seen now as well, so all the people who was thinking "Shoot, I can't see it (chut)," please check the "Back number" too when you have time!


(NOTE by Nuuk)
"rouninsei" ... a senior high school graduate who is preparing for another chance to enter an university or college.

(A long excuse)

Isn't it creepy to talk to a rag doll?


Hikki did you go nuts . . . ?

- Don't say that to me-!
(T o T) :weeeep:

I've been like this for 23 years-! (- boomerang line)

Yes, I've preferred to talk to rag dolls rather than to play with friends since I was a child! Hmph! Yes I can't sleep without my Kuma Chang! Hmph Hmph!
o(- . - o) Pon pon!

Everyone will understand how I feel if they face my Kuma Chang with this beautiful skin relief and color just like that of the Namib Desert dune, which is called as the most beautiful dune in the world, and with this silky smooth fur! (Somebody please stop me as I feel like I'm getting more and more creepy)

Seriously, I think this is a very nice way to communicate yourself if you're defiant or a type of person who's been holding back your ego for ages. It makes you realize the feeling that you never knew yourself! It's a therapy!

Only my Kuma Chang was able to come in the dark cold room in my mind, with a big smile on his face!

I think this is not just me, but I always get a number of opinions at the same time in my head: emotional opinion, theoretical opinion, and such. And eventually I make one move after considering the direction of each opinion. If I talk to someone, I'll guess the reaction further and further and think "Alright, I'll take this way!", which is interesting. So, playing with my Kuma Chang stimulates my brain very much, just like playing go or chess by myself*

When I was a child I gave completely different characters and voices to each 4 dragon rag dolls and played with them, which encouraged the growth of my multiple thinking I believe(like composing a quartet song), and imitating various voices trained me very well as a singer!

(  ' O ') :Gasp: as I recall . . .

I was like, thinking "Huh, she's too old for that . . . " when I was 6 years old, watching my mom play with those dragon rag dolls . . .

Blood will tell. :slumps down:

I thought of writing about G-string panties today, but gotta quickly upload this first as this site will shortly go down for maintenance!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A short break

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:scratch: :scratch: :scratch:

"Hehehe* Look, Hikaru-chan me can do the dee-jay thing"

'That's great, my Kuma Chang! Let me take your photo!'


'You look so cute in the photo!'

"Hehehe* Then me is like a photogenic teddy"

'My Kuma Chang I love you so much!'


"Woow Hikaru-chan, that's exciting~"

'Now I gotta go write some lyrics, what are you gonna do my Kuma Chang?'

"Me feel sleepy now :mumble: :mumble:"

'Then you don't have to wait up for me*'

"Hehehe good night Hikaru-chan :mumble: :mumble: . . . "

'Sweet dreams, my Kuma Chang'

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm sorry, Bach-san

I had been listening to Bach's "Air on the G String" on a loop-play mode in the background while I was writing yesterday's message*

Today I was again listening to "Air on the G String" in the car, and found myself again having picked up a song that perfectly suited those themes like "Fundoshi," "T-back" ! !

Such cases, that you'll fail if you try to use foreign words in English just as they are, are shown on TV from time to time, right? Like for example, Americans would never understand it if you say "gaadoman(security guard)" just as "guardman" to them.

The same could go for "T-back."
In English, those panties that are thin like a string at the back are called "thong" or "G-string."

. . . Which means, no other songs could be better background music than "Air on the G String" !

w(' o' )w Oooh~

(I'm sorry, Bach-san)

Now I've got a simple question: I understand that they are named "~string" as they are string-like pants, but why do we call them "G-string" of all other names? Where does "G" come from . . .

. . . (-_-; ) It seems like, nothing good comes of it when I say "simple question" on this site . . . like "Winnie the Farter Bear" of the other day and "T-back" of this time . . .

I'll go check it out and hit the sack soon, so that I won't have to write a message with the title "T-back keeps me awake" tomorrow*

But, that said, I really wanna tap the potential of G more and explore my brain by imagining or considering this and that, before I look up the origin of G and easily find out the truth . . . !

Aww! I know it in my head that I shouldn't waste my time on things like this and go short of sleep but my heart just doesn't listen to me!
(*x.x*) Oh boy, what a hardhead my heart is!

Alright do whatever you want.

. . . Yup (  . _ . )


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Peace sign of joy!

I learned it from some emails and went to 2channel to see a "o(- . - o):ponpon:" thread!

Professionally, I find the image of 2channel a bit scary, but I like its unique sense of humor and the process that new terms are being made, so I often take a look at several sites compiling interesting posts in 2channel, to learn those terms*

I'm thrilled to know that it's used a lot! Awww!
o(- . -*o) :!ponpon!:

I almost felt like joining in, but I had no idea how to post . . . :slumps down:

Maybe I'll keep ponpon-ing too myself* Until it dies out! (lol)

Have a good night***

Friday, May 26, 2006

Fundoshi keeps me awake

I can't believe I didn't sleep well again last night, following that jigsaw puzzle thing the night before last . . .
My thoughts on Fundoshi just kept me awake.
(/#_#) :stewing:

It was already time that the morning sunshine shone in through the curtains, when I was asking myself hugging a pillow why it made me feel so unreasonable that Fundoshi was called as "Classic Pants."

I mean, Is there any possibility that calling Fundoshi as Classic Pants might set up a wrong equation as if the origin of pants is rooted in Fundoshi? I believe pants are the clothes that originated in the West, aren't they?? ( -o- )

Can you call all those men's underwear such as trunks, briefs, boxer briefs and whatnot as "Modern Fundoshi" as a whole?? ( -o- )

That's what I want to say!
Have you got it? ( -o- )

At first I thought I'd have a bunch of reactions like "Hahaha! What are you talking about~!" or just "Wow!" after my last message, but holy crap!
"It's been in the media for some years now"
"Hikaru-san you're a little behind, not knowing about Classic Pants"
I got emails like that!

(/ ' O')/ So they think something is wrong with ME not knowing Fundoshi has been in style, right?!

I say those who wear Fundoshi are supposed to be the ones behind the times(about 200 years)! So you say I am the one behind the times?

( ^ _^).o0 Don't be silly.

By the way, my dad said he wore "Akafun" in schools' swimming classes. That's red Fundoshi.

"So I know how to gird it. Hehe." That's what he said.

"Wow . . . That's great . . . " That's what I could only say.

(Though I say it myself I think my dad is cute. Really.)

I wonder if some traditional schools still use "Akafun" in their swimming classes?

Oh, and you know, I found a great thing, which made me excited! I was listening to my dad's detailed explanation on the structure of Fundoshi and . . . Hmm? So the side part is corded like a string? And the back part forms into a string shape as well while wearing it? Hmm . . .

(/ ' O')/ !


That's . . . !

That's very close to T-back isn't it?!
Uh-huh! So that means Fundoshi is the originator of T-back!
Phew I feel good now. .:*:.(*^-^) I think I can get a good sleep tonight*

. . . I wonder how random I could possibly be. What nerve I've got to spend a sleepless night thinking about things like this. Well, please just take me as one of those delicate artists!

(^o^) Bwa ha ha !!!

All I can say to conclude this is, say, that I would name Fundoshi "Classic T-back" if I were going to sell it! (I think I wouldn't sell Fundoshi actually, but you'll never know what will happen in your life*)

I say, this name clearly represents that I have zero (or rather, a minus?) amount of business sense . . .

Thank God I'm a musician( T _ T )
The End*

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fundoshi Revolution

Today I went to the studio and people said to me,

" . . . You look drowsy, didn't you sleep well?"
"Hikaru-chan you look painful, are you all right?"

That's what I was said ! !
('o'|||) :shocked:

"Well I was rehearsing the tour in my head till dawn, hehe" or "Well I've got some worries" . . . that's what I'd like to say, but I can't lie because I showed the images of the jigsaw puzzle yesterday! (T x T)

Oh well, lying is not a good thing*

"It's just, er, I was like, doing the petit jigsaw puzzle till morning . . . "

That's why everyone gave me a wry smile(or just drew back?).

Huh, it's pretty hard to live honestly( -_-)humph.

And now regarding Fundoshi(-rare phrase), I saw it in an article this morning! It read that "Fundoshi" was popular as a Father's Day gift in some department stores!

At first I took it as a joke, but I read the article and found that it was really sold and indeed popular. I don't get it! It takes a long time for my sleep-deprived-because-of-the-puzzle head to understand it!

On top of that, its trade name was "Classic Pants."

(/ ' O')/

(/ ' O')/ Classic

(/ ' O')/ Pants . . . ?

Is that okay?!
Something is wrong isn't it?!

Did they make sure to obtain Fundoshi-san's agreement?
Like, "Effective today, we would like to call you as Classic Pants. Do you have any objection to it?"!

The article also had comments from some who purchased it, which were like "I get a good breeze" or "It takes a little courage to put it on underneath my suit."

Hey wait! ( -_- ) In what dress would you need no courage! (I wonder when you put it on, Fundoshi, in the first place)

This is perfect as a Father's Day gift of this year . . . I guess? It makes me very wistful to imagine my dad wearing fundoshi and stuff . . .

But people used to wear it in the past, yeah*

You're a failure as an artist if you're obsessed with a fixed idea! Alright! Vive la Classic Pants, not Fundoshi ! !
|(T_T)*(T_T)| Hurrrray