Tuesday, May 30, 2006

(A long excuse)

Isn't it creepy to talk to a rag doll?


Hikki did you go nuts . . . ?

- Don't say that to me-!
(T o T) :weeeep:

I've been like this for 23 years-! (- boomerang line)

Yes, I've preferred to talk to rag dolls rather than to play with friends since I was a child! Hmph! Yes I can't sleep without my Kuma Chang! Hmph Hmph!
o(- . - o) Pon pon!

Everyone will understand how I feel if they face my Kuma Chang with this beautiful skin relief and color just like that of the Namib Desert dune, which is called as the most beautiful dune in the world, and with this silky smooth fur! (Somebody please stop me as I feel like I'm getting more and more creepy)

Seriously, I think this is a very nice way to communicate yourself if you're defiant or a type of person who's been holding back your ego for ages. It makes you realize the feeling that you never knew yourself! It's a therapy!

Only my Kuma Chang was able to come in the dark cold room in my mind, with a big smile on his face!

I think this is not just me, but I always get a number of opinions at the same time in my head: emotional opinion, theoretical opinion, and such. And eventually I make one move after considering the direction of each opinion. If I talk to someone, I'll guess the reaction further and further and think "Alright, I'll take this way!", which is interesting. So, playing with my Kuma Chang stimulates my brain very much, just like playing go or chess by myself*

When I was a child I gave completely different characters and voices to each 4 dragon rag dolls and played with them, which encouraged the growth of my multiple thinking I believe(like composing a quartet song), and imitating various voices trained me very well as a singer!

(  ' O ') :Gasp: as I recall . . .

I was like, thinking "Huh, she's too old for that . . . " when I was 6 years old, watching my mom play with those dragon rag dolls . . .

Blood will tell. :slumps down:

I thought of writing about G-string panties today, but gotta quickly upload this first as this site will shortly go down for maintenance!