Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mr. Positive of the day

You know, there's an entry field where you enter your name and stuff when you send an email to me, right?

It seems like, some people get stuck with it like "I can't find any 'occupation' that fits me in the drop-down menu." They're the people like working housewives, graduate students, and so on.

Well, today I got this spiffy email so let me show it to you:

"I'm a rouninsei but I selected 'university student' in the menu. I'm positive."

. . . So, I would like to reward this 18-year-old W-san with the honor of "Mr. Positive of the day" ! !

You're such a nice guy! (- o -)
You made me move to tears! I'm sure you can make it! Yes!

Good luck to all rouninsei-sans around the world!

Oh yeah! You know what, this site has been powered up by the maintenance last night-!

The greatest point is that you're now able to see the images on your ke-tai!! All the previous images can be seen now as well, so all the people who was thinking "Shoot, I can't see it (chut)," please check the "Back number" too when you have time!


(NOTE by Nuuk)
"rouninsei" ... a senior high school graduate who is preparing for another chance to enter an university or college.