Saturday, December 30, 2006

Something on my mind right now

You know, this is what I wanted to ask you within this year . . .

Every time I see the CM of Tegomass' song "Miso soup" I just can't help shouting:

"Oubei ka!!"

Is it just me?! Or is everyone thinking the same thing, by any chance??

Or am I just being played right into the hands of Johnny's Jimusho??
( ' o ' ) Oh my God
This makes me so curious . . .

Friday, December 29, 2006

DVD viewing

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I heard tonight's figure skating program was to be aired from 6:30 pm so I finished some housework and turned on the TV at 6:30 pm, but they aired only the digest of yesterday's performances for the first 30 minutes!
(*-_-*) *pouts*

Hrmph! All right then I'll write a message for spite!

Oh yes yes, first of all excuse me for not telling you sooner but I've watched the DVD of UTADA UNITED 2006!

You know, I say this is . . .

not bad, better than I imagined!

. . . not bad, really!

Two thumbs up! (-^*b)

The sound and edits are amazing, but what makes me surprised like "A-ha! Now I see what all the things looked like!" is the coolness of the stage direction.

Yes, I was doing the tour not knowing much what the images and lights looked like or how the stage looked to the audience . . .

(;^-^A) Ha ha ha . . .

I'm pretty sure my band members have surprised to watch this too~!

And you know, I'm so thrilled to see me myself in it, 'cause I look like someone I don't know(lol). Just how different I look like in it from the usual goofy me. Some time ago Kiriya-kun said to me after the show, "I didn't know Hikaru's got someone like that inside," and now I got what he meant. Yeah.

So that's why I can recomend this DVD to you all!

Nah, I really recommend this to you all(^_-)-* *twinkle*

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

*Sleepy in winter*

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Whew. Here we are already at the end of the year!
How are you doing. Would've been busy I guess?

On Christmas Day this year I did some photo shooting for the first time in a long time, took a bento box in the studio home as it looked quite yummy, ate it, slept a while, woke up in the night and went to a convenience store, found a big cake at a very low price so bought it to take home(got attracted to stuffed dolls of Dobutsu no Mori characters around the exit for a moment but refrained from impulse buying), got home, had a cold relapse and came down which could be because I amped myself up too much in the shooting! Things like these just happen*

By the way, you see the sulky Kuma Chang Santa in the image above . . . I sent this image to my dad and got his reply which had a content that I didn't expect at all!

"He really looks like my grandpa."

Ehhhhhh?? My great grandpa?! Did he look like this? Nah I mean, I believe the similarity is that he had a great white beard, not that he wore a red cap or he was bare-naked or he was like a bear . . . (-_-;)

I don't even know much about my grandpa, let alone my great grandpa, I've never even thought about how he was like . . . It's like, I suddenly saw the light and found out like "Ah! so I had my great grandpa in the past!" (lol)

Come to think of it, because of the fact that the sole information I have about my great grandpa is that he looked like Kuma Chang in this image . . . my own image of great grandpa has become just the same as of this photo!!
He's not even a human being! ( ' o ' )

Well, I feel like something is wrong, but could be better than having no images of him*

On top of that.
It wasn't until my dad pointed out to me that I noticed this, but I put the Santa beard to Kuma Chang and set the hole part on his nose so that we could see it, while you gotta show your mouth from that hole part when you put on that kind of thing . . . A-ha! I got it! I was sure something must be wrong~(cuz he got too much beard above his nose!) No wonder he got grumpy. All right, I'm so sorry! Hehehe*

As an aside, weeeeeeeeep! I have a strange, long and thin stomatitis on the back of my tongue, which has been there for a long while, and hurts so bad~!
(T o T) Weeeeeeep

Saturday, December 23, 2006

*Feels good*

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"Me is being Febrezed now! Being clean feels good"

Thursday, December 21, 2006

He he . . . eh?

('o' ) Wh, What?!

('o' ) The age limit to apply for the T-shirt contest is 15 years --- ?!!

:slumps down: So I'm not allowed to participate in.

. . . Ha ha ha . . . so I'm looking forward to the cute designs from all of you under 15~ *twinkle* (-tears)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yes, I'm recording a *new song*

Ooh?! It looks like Hikki's WEBSITE has transformed a lot doesn't it?

It's a bit of a pity that the pink Kuma collage . . . no, the Kuma montage? nope, what should I call that Vuitton-like pattern . . . on the top page has been changed, though*

('o' ) Wh, What?!

('o' ) "Utada Hikaru & pom ponette presents 'Boku wa Kuma' Original T-shirt contest"---?!

(Please check News section for details*)

The thing is, I'm gonna make a T-shirt with Kuma Chang picture with the children's clothing brand pom ponette. Then I'll sell it bundled with a pen and I'd like you to get it, color it, take a picture of it and send the picture to me. And I will commercialize the grand prize one! That's the story.

It's not that I'm trying to screw money out of the parents! Or is that what it's all about? Hey hey, come on! (*'_')/ *pow*

It's a charity project* A helping hand to give the kids all over the world a chance to get vaccination*

Well, well. Putting that aside . . . what should be noted is . . .

I'm telling you ! ! !

pom ponette

is the one ! ! !

I have no idea if it's French words or not but for me it just looks like "PONPONette"!! This is great, This really looks like o(- . -o) Ponpon!
How could they find the children's clothing brand with a brand name like this . . . seems like my staff showed themselves at their best!
(-^*b) Good Job!

Maybe I'll also take part in the contest secretly . . . He he he he . . .

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's cold here

I was like unable to sleep so I was watching a news program on TV, and saw the headline "the serial killer turned out to be a 'super' employee" . . .

Huh?! Just what is so "super" about this employee!?

That's what I thought for a second . . .

You say "Hey, you go to bed now." I see. (*^-^*)

Good night . . .

(NOTE by Nuuk)

"super" is an abbreviation of "supermarket" in Japan.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Phew~ I wanna go to karaoke or something

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I heard Toshiba has pulled out of the music business. I also heard Toshiba will sell(return) Toshiba EMI shares to EMI headquarters. I don't know much about it though. I don't care anyway.

Anyway, geez, you know what!

Lately Hikki's WEBSITE is going like crazy! Boku wa Kuma Special Site is so damn cool isn't it! The cutest site EVER!

I don't believe there's any other musician's official site that gives out that amount of healing, relief, loveliness and tenderness!! Is it okay if I apply to the Guinness Book of World Records?!

The Special Site is full of such cutest images that make you scream "Awwwwwwwwww!!!" and barely look at them, and those such sweet audio clips that you couldn't stand it and stop the playing halfway through.

I tried my best to keep listening to the song by 6-years-old Fu-chan, squirming, but the talk part in the interlude sounded heavenly cute, so I was like "Jeeeeeez!!! I can't go on any longer!!!", stop it, and couldn't listen to the rest part . . .
Do you understand how that feels . . . ? (//._.///)

I mean, in short, I'm so glad I released "Boku wa Kuma"! Really.
(T o T) Weeep
I didn't realize how happy it made me to be well received by kids . . .

I had no immunity to kids' singing voices, smiles, handmade cards, as I hardly have opportunities to interact with them. Oh my. They really blew me away.

(._.*) . . .
They make us think we need to make a better world, don't they.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A timid me?

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I got a sample DVD of Utada United 2006(my national tour in this summer), which I've been looking forward to for quite some time ! ! ! !

. . . That was a couple of days ago.

I was dying to watch it, but with the DVD in hand, I'm tense and I can't watch it. (lol) Actually I was thinking of writing my impressions of the DVD by now . . .

Why do I become a lot more tense to watch my own show than to do the real show!!!

By the way its package is unique and looks pretty cool! You may feel like "Wow!" when you see it. (How does it feel?)

Aww, I'm really dying to watch it~!

o(- . -o)*Ponpon*

Monday, December 11, 2006


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"Me thought me almost finished this puzzle but me can't find the last piece. Me wonder where it is."

"Aw Me is sure Hikaru-chan is jealous because me is popular so Hikaru-chan hid the piece. That hurts that hurts!"

Sunday, December 10, 2006

1st day of the 9th year

Heeeeey! What's up~?

I don't mean to be too personal here, but yesterday was the 8th anniversary since my debut!

Wooot! Clap clap clap clap!

For the staff and all of you who supported me for 8 years, this looong period of time . . . I would like to give you that thing, for the first time in ages . . .

Take this!

Thanks-beam!! (  . _ .)--------* *feeeep*

Phew, that felt good*

Yesterday I was right in the studio, working on a new project.

Suddenly the lights turned off . . . "Wow! What does this mean! Maybe they would celebrate my anniversary! *Pound pound!!*" I thought and then again the lights turned on . . . then turned off and on and off and on and off and I heard voices saying "Huh? Isn't it this one? Eh? What's this? Oh, this one?" (lol) . . . (Yes it's okay, no problem, I'm happy surrounded by the fun staff like this)

Here comes the cake with the lit candles~! You see 8 small flickering candle lights! Oh my! This lis like a birthday! Hikaru is so moved!

Watched over by all the people, I took a big deep breath, getting tensed up thinking "Are they going to test my vital capacity as a singer, by any chance . . . ?!" then towards the candle lights -
"Poooooooof ! ! !"

. . . ?

(T o T) Aaaghh The record is, 2 candles!

You know, there's a knack to it, ha ha . . . . (Maybe I should've done like poof! poof! poof! rather than poooooooof! I gave that some serious thought. What's this all about, huh.)

I had a slight stomach ache since morning, so I left the studio early without eating the cake, and went to sleep early on my happy anniversary of all days. Hehe.

I mean, my strategy is to take a little rest around here, then work hard through the end of this year!!

I guess all of you would be busy with events or works or celebrations at the end of the year, but why don't we have some mikans or something and finish off the year in good health(*^o^*)

PS I'm sooooooooo gllaaaaaaaad at the submissions of "Boku wa Kuma" colorings and songs!!!!

Kuma Chang is the happiest bear in the world
(T o T ) ) ( ( T o T) Oooooohhh