Friday, December 29, 2006

DVD viewing

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I heard tonight's figure skating program was to be aired from 6:30 pm so I finished some housework and turned on the TV at 6:30 pm, but they aired only the digest of yesterday's performances for the first 30 minutes!
(*-_-*) *pouts*

Hrmph! All right then I'll write a message for spite!

Oh yes yes, first of all excuse me for not telling you sooner but I've watched the DVD of UTADA UNITED 2006!

You know, I say this is . . .

not bad, better than I imagined!

. . . not bad, really!

Two thumbs up! (-^*b)

The sound and edits are amazing, but what makes me surprised like "A-ha! Now I see what all the things looked like!" is the coolness of the stage direction.

Yes, I was doing the tour not knowing much what the images and lights looked like or how the stage looked to the audience . . .

(;^-^A) Ha ha ha . . .

I'm pretty sure my band members have surprised to watch this too~!

And you know, I'm so thrilled to see me myself in it, 'cause I look like someone I don't know(lol). Just how different I look like in it from the usual goofy me. Some time ago Kiriya-kun said to me after the show, "I didn't know Hikaru's got someone like that inside," and now I got what he meant. Yeah.

So that's why I can recomend this DVD to you all!

Nah, I really recommend this to you all(^_-)-* *twinkle*