Wednesday, December 27, 2006

*Sleepy in winter*

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Whew. Here we are already at the end of the year!
How are you doing. Would've been busy I guess?

On Christmas Day this year I did some photo shooting for the first time in a long time, took a bento box in the studio home as it looked quite yummy, ate it, slept a while, woke up in the night and went to a convenience store, found a big cake at a very low price so bought it to take home(got attracted to stuffed dolls of Dobutsu no Mori characters around the exit for a moment but refrained from impulse buying), got home, had a cold relapse and came down which could be because I amped myself up too much in the shooting! Things like these just happen*

By the way, you see the sulky Kuma Chang Santa in the image above . . . I sent this image to my dad and got his reply which had a content that I didn't expect at all!

"He really looks like my grandpa."

Ehhhhhh?? My great grandpa?! Did he look like this? Nah I mean, I believe the similarity is that he had a great white beard, not that he wore a red cap or he was bare-naked or he was like a bear . . . (-_-;)

I don't even know much about my grandpa, let alone my great grandpa, I've never even thought about how he was like . . . It's like, I suddenly saw the light and found out like "Ah! so I had my great grandpa in the past!" (lol)

Come to think of it, because of the fact that the sole information I have about my great grandpa is that he looked like Kuma Chang in this image . . . my own image of great grandpa has become just the same as of this photo!!
He's not even a human being! ( ' o ' )

Well, I feel like something is wrong, but could be better than having no images of him*

On top of that.
It wasn't until my dad pointed out to me that I noticed this, but I put the Santa beard to Kuma Chang and set the hole part on his nose so that we could see it, while you gotta show your mouth from that hole part when you put on that kind of thing . . . A-ha! I got it! I was sure something must be wrong~(cuz he got too much beard above his nose!) No wonder he got grumpy. All right, I'm so sorry! Hehehe*

As an aside, weeeeeeeeep! I have a strange, long and thin stomatitis on the back of my tongue, which has been there for a long while, and hurts so bad~!
(T o T) Weeeeeeep