Saturday, May 24, 2008

Single out now

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Come to think of it, I remembered my Prisoner Of Love single is out now.

(Which I'd forgotten about, as I didn't do any promotional works this time)

You know this is my all-time fave jacket to date (lol)

She's eating a mikan (lol)

You see an eager expression on her side face . . . and when you look closer, you'll find her eating a mikan (lol)

Also I love the colors in it. Like purple, orange, yellow and orange-tan.

The photographer-san took a lot of shots while we were doing the video shooting. Just like those photos taken during the concerts.

I wasn't aware of the cameras at all, had no idea when I was shot, so I was like "Ah~ so he was taking my photos at that time~!" during checking my photos.

It's fun, to see me in some casual looks on my face in the photos. Looks kinda like some personal photos.

And this keyboard, seen in the back.

It's the same one you saw in the message "Glasses and keyboard," and seriously I've been regularly using it for over 5 years.

And you know what!

It passed away right on this shooting day . . .

I set it up, turned the switch on, and saw the lamp lit up for a second, then gone out. It became completely silent.

K, keyboard-tan . . .

My sweet bro, who traveled with me even to Czech( ; _ ; ) *sheds tears*

I made a lot of songs together with you

It's gone to mech heaven.

I've got a new keyboard for myself and been using it now, but I must admit I haven't felt an attachment to it yet.

Whenever those keyboards or other interfaces that I'd used for a long time break, they remain at my home without being abandoned . . . I always find it hard to determine where to place them and I can't place them in the corridor and such cuz they'll stand in the way, so eventually I end up putting them placing like in the restroom, which make my friends surprised when they visit my home (lol)

I also got this big keyboard called Triton in the restroom (not a huge room at all, just in a normal size! (lol)) of my NY apartment, which make me surprised as well, like when I'm half asleep in the midnight.

Well, so, that's how it is.

This single jacket has become something like a commemorative one, which is a good thing( ; _ ; )

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm doin' fine

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I've been kinda busy writing songs and lyrics

But I'm doin' fine!

This tiny pink kuma is the gift that my staff girl gave me when she left her job

So cute

My bangs are getting longer and bothering me

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Unruly hair

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My mom's hair is wicked ultra straight,

And my dad's is naturally curly.

(Which is something like Koizumi-styled hair, as is)

And mine is, basically, straight. Very straight, so you'll hardly get curly or frizzy hair.

But ! ! !

The whole hair looks just a lil bit tweaked.

Get it?

I tend to get this especially when I wear my hair short, like, all my hair is running in the counterclockwise direction.

Which leads my hair on the left side to hop outward.

(Which makes you look like, partly Tanihara Shōsuke san, as is (lol))

It's pretty tough to tame this.

It keeps hopping outward, no matter how many times I try to give a smooth to it . . .

And it bothers me . . .

My hair makeup staff san can handle this if I'm at work, but when not at work I'm stuck, as I can't blow my hair myself(._.*)

I wonder if all girls out there can do blowing or styling their hair themselves(._.*)

Monday, May 12, 2008

What's in my brain

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The recording is going pretty well today

By the way is it just me who thinks Kintaro in my previous message looks like Alcindo

Today's coordinate

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These are the socks I decided to wear for today.

The tabi-type socks




Kuma !

The pattern is in Japanese style

Which looks cool *


What am I gonna wear.

(Right now I'm in this super stupid status, only in shorts and socks)

Hikaru is planning to think up today's cloth coordinate with a focus on these socks*

OK ciao.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Ueno Juri in my view 2

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I found this digest version of the episode 1 on Youtube! And watched it.

Then I found that girl with a flower on her head that I met in my dressing room the other day, was playing a totally different role, of a cool woman!

She almost made me say "Who are you?!"

The determined expression on her face looked so kick-ass!

She looked so cool with this boyish charm.

That surprised me. What a fabulous actress she is. I thought like that.


That's all about Ueno Juri chan in my view.

(^-^)/ Bonjour

Ueno Juri in my view

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Last Friends"! Do you watch that TV drama?

My song, Prisoner Of Love is featured as the theme song.

I heard it's getting higher and higher viewer rating every time it's aired.

Would be interesting I guess.

Huh, did you just say "would be" . . . ?

. . . I thought I must watch this as its preview things looked interesting at first, but I don't have this habit to watch dramas on a routine basis at all and so far not being able to watch it even once:slumps down:

Also I almost have no sense of time and day, so I have no idea what day is Thursday or what time it is now:slumps down:

Most of the time I realize like "Oh! So today was Thursday, by any chance?!" at around Thursday midnight.

I said Ueno Juri chan "I'll watch it!" :slumps down:

Well actually, before the drama started, when I sang Prisoner Of Love in HEY!HEY!HEY! special show (not M-Ste).

Ueno Juri chan who was doing some shootings in the studio nearby, came to see me singing, then came to my dressing room to say hello to me!

And then, you know what, she told me she was a fan of me!

OMG, it's more than I deserve! I mean it! I really appreciate that!

She said she's always listening to my new album in the car!

And her fave one is "Take 5"!

(which made me think she'd be a real fan of me, judging from that her choice)

Awww I'm soooo happy and she's soooo cute that I could eat her.

I drew an illustration of Ueno Juri chan I saw live, giving my best effort.

She really looked like that.

I saw a flower on her head.

Just a joke.

Well but she really had this fluffy, soft kind of image, that could make you see a flower on her head.

She was cute though she herself didn't trying to look cute. A natural type girl she was.

However . . . .


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Inocchi's wedding reception was held last week but I couldn't attend it as I was working in NY (;_; )

I really wanted to be there (;_; ) *weep*

I missed Inocchi's proud moment.

If I recall, Shou-chan of Kishidan also couldn't attend because of work, so now I come to think of it, it might've been a miracle that all members of us good friends were able to attend Shou-chan's wedding reception.

I'll celebrate him when we meet next ! !

Be that as it may.

Last month I got the invitation card.

I, Inocchi~! (T o T)

My name~!

It's wrong~!

FYI - the envelope in this envelope read correctly as "宇多田."

I guess someone who wrote my address for him made this mistake but . . . it's just like him to do this kind of thing, which is a lil touching for me.

Oh, by the way the reason why the envelope in the image is so wrinkled is because I was about to trash it first, then changed my mind as I thought "Oh, this could be a good subject for my message - let's take a picture."

Maybe I'll try to hold a wedding ceremony and reception things next time I marry someone.

I wanna do very weird things in that case. Like, the bride and groom appear giving some strange sounds, on roller-skates and carrying shopping bags of Isetan with them.

Like, all guests must cosplay.

Like, I must wear the Afroed wig all the time.

Like, I must be in Kuroko suit.

Aww I would look so miserable if no one thinks it's funny.

Oh, I'd forgotten I could use Kuma Chang suit.