Saturday, May 24, 2008

Single out now

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Come to think of it, I remembered my Prisoner Of Love single is out now.

(Which I'd forgotten about, as I didn't do any promotional works this time)

You know this is my all-time fave jacket to date (lol)

She's eating a mikan (lol)

You see an eager expression on her side face . . . and when you look closer, you'll find her eating a mikan (lol)

Also I love the colors in it. Like purple, orange, yellow and orange-tan.

The photographer-san took a lot of shots while we were doing the video shooting. Just like those photos taken during the concerts.

I wasn't aware of the cameras at all, had no idea when I was shot, so I was like "Ah~ so he was taking my photos at that time~!" during checking my photos.

It's fun, to see me in some casual looks on my face in the photos. Looks kinda like some personal photos.

And this keyboard, seen in the back.

It's the same one you saw in the message "Glasses and keyboard," and seriously I've been regularly using it for over 5 years.

And you know what!

It passed away right on this shooting day . . .

I set it up, turned the switch on, and saw the lamp lit up for a second, then gone out. It became completely silent.

K, keyboard-tan . . .

My sweet bro, who traveled with me even to Czech( ; _ ; ) *sheds tears*

I made a lot of songs together with you

It's gone to mech heaven.

I've got a new keyboard for myself and been using it now, but I must admit I haven't felt an attachment to it yet.

Whenever those keyboards or other interfaces that I'd used for a long time break, they remain at my home without being abandoned . . . I always find it hard to determine where to place them and I can't place them in the corridor and such cuz they'll stand in the way, so eventually I end up putting them placing like in the restroom, which make my friends surprised when they visit my home (lol)

I also got this big keyboard called Triton in the restroom (not a huge room at all, just in a normal size! (lol)) of my NY apartment, which make me surprised as well, like when I'm half asleep in the midnight.

Well, so, that's how it is.

This single jacket has become something like a commemorative one, which is a good thing( ; _ ; )