Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bonjour de joie

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Eh-! So Prisoner Of Love debuted at #2?!

Thought it wouldn't sell well as it was a recut single from my album!

After all it sold better than the single released right before my album release.

Thank you all*

So here let me send you


of Joy !

Er . . . this is . . . I mean, I just have no idea where to begin (lol)

About two weeks ago, I went to see "Darwin Exhibition" in Ueno.

Aside from my impression on it, there was this panel in the souvenir shop at the exit.

Sh, should I do it?

Of course I should - - - - ! ! ! !




You took a good one?

Yes I did!

Like that, we took photos in a quite happy mood, but

What's this face in the photo

Well, there seem to be quite a lot of things to point out, but

First of all, what's this my facial expression.

It's a zero, dead expression.

With zero happiness.

I say I'm stiff in the face, and deadness can be seen in my eyes (hehe)

But what's most remarkable is this drawing on the panel, you know . . .

Right on the decent drawing of a ship, how come this doodle-like figure showed up.

It's too terrible isn't it (; .V.)

There seems to be no balance with the ship (; .V.)

What's wrong with his hands.

It could've been much better I'd say.

By the way my impression on Darwin Exhibition itself was kinda like so-so(I was such a mean guest, grumbling about the lighting while looking around), but the permanent exhibition was suuuuuuuuch a fun ! !

Dinosaurs !! (Sooo big !) Whales ! ! (Huge ! ! ! ! Cool ! !)

Various kinds of insects ! ! ! (in awesome colors ! !)

I'm pretty sure I could enjoy this over and over again! The permanent exhibition rocks! I'll come again for sure!

. . . .

Once again I look at this picture and I must admit this looks awful (lol)

This ended up being such a rambling message

Sorry for that~