Saturday, April 26, 2008

Home position

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'Seems like your usual place is there Kuma Chang. You like being near the wall huh?'

"Yup   That's right   Cuz me dun have to   worry about falling off from the bed   when me is sleeping"

'Hm . . . I remember you've fallen off from the bed a couple of times Kuma Chang . . . hehe . . .'

"Yup   Me tosses around   in bed"

Friday, April 25, 2008

Things I'm not good at

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Kozlov, the character I said I wanna make friends with last time, looks like this.

I can hear you saying "Ah, just as I thought(lol)."

I wanna be Ion Green.

Well, by the way - everyone has "things that they're not good at," right.

One of the things I'm not good at is opening things.

Like, to open packages, to break a seal, to open a gift, whatnot. I'm very poor at doing those kind of things.

I'm physically not good at doing those things, and most of the time it goes like, after a long battle against plastic packages and such both the goods and I get battered. Also I mentally have feelings of resistance toward taking out something new from boxes or packages, so when I get new game machines or keyboards I often leave them for a while, without opening the packages.

When I bought a bunch of cute plates myself I left them in the bag for 1 month, which made my friend say it's unbelievable.

So, I guess you're wondering why I'm telling you things like this.

Let me tell you.

I, I just tried to open the box of new electric toothbrush a couple of minutes ago.

I was able to take it out of the box quickly, but i was packed by hard plastics

I had no idea from where and how I could open it, so I just tried to put my fingers into the small gap to tear it open.



Hmhh Hmhh

Yahhhhhh ! !

! ! ! CRACK ! ! !


. . . . .

Aaaaagghhhhh ! ! ! !
(x O x)

It was not the plastic package but my finger that split open - - - ! ! !

My thumb nail split in the middle - - - ! ! !

The upper half is coming off a lil bit - - !



I pressed my right thumb nail (the upper half of it) which was coming off to bond it again to my flesh.

The plastic package remained there, as if nothing had happened.

Awwww bandaid, where's the bandaid!?


Awww help me Super Kuman - !

The bleeding has stopped now and the nail stuck to my flesh again.

I'm pretty sure next time I visit the nailarium, the staff people would say "OMG What happened this time - - ! ?"

(I surprised them a couple of times previously when I got dead drunk and broke my nails)

I may need to keep myself away from Monster Hunter (a PSP game) which I'm so hooked on for a couple of days (T o T)

This hurts just too much to make attacks (T o T)

I'm about to beat Fru Fru (T o T)

Awww (T o T)

By the way I've been playing this game too much over the past one week and my light fourth finger has been paralyzing because of that, so maybe this could be a bad message from God telling me I'm playing Mon-Hun just too much . . .

He hehehehe . . . . (weep)

By the way, for your information.

The above scene of Kozlov is not that he got honey on his hand (lol)

His hand was cut from the right wrist and he got first-aid treatment on the wound by adhesive medicals.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A genius manga, indeed

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Every single part of this manga is so cool, so eye-grabbing

I wanna make friends with Kozlov Loewic Grebnev

A genius manga

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Here is the long-awaited latest manga volume!


The 4th volume!

(It's come out before I knew it, but anywayz I was so excited to find it at a bookstore two days ago)

Nihei Tsutomu san is just too genius for me to follow (lol)

He kicks ass (lol)

Things I got

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It seems like Kaigen-san read my message, and they sent me a package of their throat drops, cough medicines and such!

I'm so happy~! Now my cough won't bother me any more!

I looked in the cardboard box my staff sent to my house.

Man that's a lot ! ! !

It'll take me forever to use all of them !

I'm sorry for them, as I just uploaded a photo of their product and they sent me all these stuff.

But I'll keep all of them somewhere in my house*

Thank you very much Kaigen-san*

. . . . Huh? (. _ .)

*sniff sniff* . . . (. _ .)

Uhoaghaaaaaaaaahhhhh ! ! !

Stinky - - - !

It smells terrible - - - !

What the heck

The smell, similar to that of Ryukakusan, which I hate most in this world, spreads over the entrance of my home!

(I once spit out a Ryukakusan throat drop right after I put it in my mouth) (Got it?! Do you know that smell?)


From what does this smell come!?

Is it an ingredient of herbal throat drop?!

Aaaaaah, the entrance is becoming packed every moment

With the smell that reminds me of Ryukakusan, or of some old guys

Aww sorry but I can't take this! Sorry about that!

Why does it smell like this:slumps down:

What should I do. What should I do with these things.

They were kind enough to give these to me but . . .

It stinks( ; _ ; )

It smells bad( ; _ ; )

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bruce Springsteen and me

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Did you watch my song medley with SMAP in SMASMA aired the other day? Did you enjoy watching it?

That song corner thing - I was told to give a title to it as they always ask the guests to think up any good medley title lately.

Well that's not the medley I made after all(lol), so I couldn't think of any good, nifty title at all!

So I ended up deciding it like "Well then I'll name it 'Bruce Springsteen Medley'!!" linking it with the topic of talk part.

How come:slumps down:

It has nothing to do with the medley itself:slumps down:

It's what you get when you do improvisation just too much:slumps down:

(The talk went started like, Kusanagi-san's leather jacket looked like Bruce Springsteen's, If I remember it right . . .)

But a good thing happened to me, on the other hand!

Thanks to the show I remembered I hadn't listened to Bruce Springsteen's songs for a long time, so I bought it at iTunes after I returned home!

I bought just one song, though . . .

It's the one I heard when I went to the movies with my parents in my childhood. It totally blew me away, and I thought for the first time in my life "OMG~! I'm totally blown away~!"

I rushed to the record store to buy the OST, Listened to it over and over again for a while, played the song on the piano alone by learning from what I heard, and always sang to myself after I remembered the lyrics.

It's the song called Streets Of Philadelphia.

The theme song of the movie called "Philadelphia," starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.

That was a buzz movie, that swept a bunch of awards.

At that time AIDS was in its early stage becoming a severe social issue, so I think the contents of the movie was very shocking, as it described things such as the epidemic of misunderstanding about AIDS; prejudice and discrimination against AIDS patients.

I just checked and learned that it hit the screen in 1993.

That means I was 10 doesn't it?!


Once again I realize that my parents are quite open to those things like "knowledge," "information" and "truth"~ (lol)

(They often took me together with them to banned-under-18 movies - they always claimed "There should be no problem if accompanied by the parents, huh?" every time the box office lady made a fuss(lol))

It was a movie that made me think it was good to watch it. Some time before that, I got shocked to learn that my fave Freddie Mercury died from AIDS.

What moved me more than the story, was the theme song!

Come to think of it, I was moved by "Streets Of Philadelphia" at the age of 10 (lol)

- Isn't that tough, huh ! ! ! (lol)

Well I'm pretty sure the people who have listened to it would understand me, but it is really cool song! It's a mature, low-keyed song(lol) The lyrics is like dark(lol)

(Both the movie and song became a huge hit, by the way)

I think I'm verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much influenced by this song.

That beautiful evolution exquisitely mixing major and minor chords, beautiful enough to make me cry.

That synth pad, easy and tender like virgin Mother.

That way of movement of bass lines (or rather should I say, root sounds).

That view of the world, despairing but saving, badly-bruised but newly-born.

Put simply, beneficent.

For me that is the absolute element of music.

Its sound got to my heart with no fading at all and lyrics pierced me, though I listened to it after a long time.

Honestly, this is the only one song I took a listen to from beginning to end, among all Bruce Springsteen's songs ! (lol)

I just thought like, I'm okay with this one song I guess(lol).

That's why I didn't put him in my fave artist list.

But I love him very much.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ton Ton

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The episode of Oiwa-san shrine, where I had reached for some reason in search of Onihei's grave last week.

All the details of my mysterious behavior, are in a weekly magazine released today ! ! ! (lol)

(^_^). . . Oh no

Lately I've been active concerning my work, which made me seen often in magazines - as some weak content most of the time, but this time I was taken photos, and above all, what's written in it is the bare fact.

I've always had this idiosyncrasy envied by my artist/talent friends, that makes me paparazzied quite seldom even if I hanged around here and there, but this time I was fully paparazzied, in Oiwa-san shrine, of all places (lol)


On top of that

It seems like I wasn't stalked from my home.

I mean, I should've noticed if someone followed me from my home. 'Cause, that day I was literally lost and went back the way I came and looked around a dozen times until I got to the shrine, so I should have noticed any suspicious person if I were tailed.

(Actually, you were the suspicious person > me)

So then you'd ask me why I was paparazzied.

Well you know

I'm telling you

A reporter happened to be in Oiwa-san shrine

EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh (; 'o')

W, what a fateful encounter


What a coincidence, what a bad luck

Could this be the curse of Oiwa-san((((  ;*m*)))

What's done is done so I don't care about it much, anywayz(well, but I do think it was good that I felt like reaching for an ema next to the saisen-bako(shrine's donation box) but didn't grab one after all) (he'd definitely read my ema if I wrote one, well, he'd take photos of it and get them in the magazine!)

On my way home I was completely tailed, so he knew the goods I bought at a general store on the way, seems like.

I didn't noticed it at all.

I felt shivers down my spine when I heard from the magazine company. This kind of things really scares me . . .

Like, you get an email from the stalker telling you "You went there, did this, and you just returned home, I was watching you" after you go out and return home as usual.

Maybe how scary it feels, couldn't be understood unless you are once being stalked . . .

By the way, speaking of the goods I bought at a store on my way home.

This "Hikaru(luminous) pajama" !


Ton Ton

That's what it says ! ! !

o(- . - o) Ton Ton

You know these words emerge dimly in the darkness after you turn the light off, right?! What is it?! I don't get it! (lol)

How come you try to gleam, buta-san

o(- . - o)Ton Ton

I often drop in at that store and get pajamas and such, and that time I was excited to find this pajama I've never seen before, with a useless function, so bought it immediately.

I searched if there were any other pajamas of this series, but unfortunately they had only this pajama for women. I found an another one for men in a different design, so I bought it too right away.

Whew, I gotta be more cautious when I walk outside, as it really scares me and makes my heart weak to be stalked and informed about it afterwards.
I was less cautious as I was thinking like "I didn't do anything wrong~" (._.*)

See? Buta-san.

Hehehe . . . (sob)

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I spilled green curry
( ; _ ; )

I spilled green curry on the white carpet
( ; _ ; )

What should I do.

You know, they sell stuff like stain-removers for carpets and such. Wonder if I can get it at supermarkets.

Could this be whiten and become less obvious if I spilled cream stew and such onto it . . . (._. )

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Lately there was this incident that more than 1,000 tulips were chopped up by someone in Gunma, and I just heard that more than 800 tulips were chopped up again in the same area . . . !

Oh my God - - - !

It's so terrible - !

What a insidious behavior . . .(T o T)

The tulip is my mom's most favorite flower

I feel sad( ; _ ; )

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I mixed 'em up

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(Picture taken from a dumped manuscript copy of Sumer Kuman)


I didn't know that it was Okiku-san of Banchō Sarayashiki who came out from the well and counted the number of plates . . .

So Oiwa-san was the ghost who was poisoned, got her face ruined, met her ill-fated death and cursed the people concerned to death.

Those two ghost stories were mixed up in my memory(T o T)

Thank you for a lot of pointing out(T o T)

Seeing the creepy well, immediately made me think it was concerned with the person of Sarayashiki.

So Oiwa-san has no specific connection with the well, but I wonder if the well I saw in Yotsuya was the one located in the place where her house was in the past.

In my childhood (when I was a little kid) I had a lot of Japanese books and read them so that I wouldn't forget Japanese language, and there was this Japanese ghost story compilation series that I loved and read very often. They got words like "mild" or "medium-spicy" on the cover.

The scarier the story was, the more the word leveled up, like "hot" or "super-hot(?)."

Maybe the people of my generation might still remember it I guess?

Sweet memories

~Oiwa-san version~

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This makes me not afraid of Oiwa-san ghost story too much*

Ghosts scare me( ; _ ; )

Aww~anywayz, I didn't expect myself to end up in the place where the shrine of Yotsuya ghost story was, while I was heading for the temple Onihei's soul rested.

"I'm too stupid," is what I'd like to say, but actually, this kind of thing happens quite often to me.:slumps down:

Some time ago, when I met my friend at a Spanish restaurant . . .

I left home after I go the telephone number and checked the location since it was the first time I visited the restaurant, but I ended up arriving in a completely different Spanish restaurant, located in a completely different area, which surprised my friends:slumps down:

On top of that I ended up in a strange restaurant in a multi-tenant building near Shinjuku stations:slumps down:

"Here I am~!" I called them, then they replied "Oh OK, we're already in the restaurant" so I looked around but couldn't find my friends group . . . the guys of restaurant looked puzzled.

"Hey~! I can't find you (weep)" I called them again, then "Huh? Where are you?! In a multi-tenant building near the west exit of Shinjuku station?! How come you're in such a place?!" - they were surprised. After some more twists and turns, I managed to join my friends.

I can't believe that happened.

I'm disappointed by myself:slumps down:

I said Kouichi-san in "Domoto Kyoudai" show like "Maybe you could have those cellphone for kids, equipped with the GPS location system," but actually, seems like it is me who needs the cellphone with the GPS system(._.*)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Zero sense of direction

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This image.

It's a stone kuma found outside of a pub in Ochanomizu. A mysterious stone statue, standing in dim light, unnoticed by anyone.

I sorta hate to say it, but he looks creepier than is necessary*

Ahem. Today I lost my way, for the first time in ages.

I heard that there's the grave of Hasegawa Heizō aka "Onihei," in around Yotsuya-sanchōme, so I just couldn't stop myself visiting the place as a Onihei fan. (*^o^*)

I went out . . .

And for some reason I decided to visit there on foot.

It's fairly a long way, but not a big deal as I like walking! Heh! - that's what I thought for a short while.

I walked on and on but couldn't find the landmark, Yotsuya Police Station ! !

What's wrong . . . I should be in around Yotsuya-sanchōme already . . .

I was getting nervous

And the next thing I knew was

The ministry of defense!

I found the ministry of defense!

Woot this looks fancy!

Aww that's not important right nowo(- . - o)

Hi-tan can't find her way at allo(- . - o)

So I asked the guard person at the entrance of the ministry of defense: "Er, excuse me, I believe Yotsuya Police Station is located around here . . . am I correct?"

"Oh, well . . . (with a regretful expression) It is on this street, but it's located beyond Yotsuya-sanchōme Station way ahead, around the signals down the street . . . "

. . . Huh?

NOoooooo ! ! ! (T O T)

That's sooo far away dude!

So I just learned I was walking in opposite direction for like 30 minutes (T O T)

Just how terrible with directions I could be:slumps down:

I was almost discouraged, but managed to recover, and made it to the destination eventually


"Huh~? Weird, it should be here, but I can't see any Hasegawa Heizō's grave like thing." I wandered around in the shrine for 10 minutes.

I couldn't find the grave.

(When I think back now I realize it's no wonder, 'cause it was a shrine (silly me))

No graves found, but there was a mysterious water well.

What's this well, enshrined with lots of seals? Looks quite old . . . I read the board on the side.

"Yotsuya Kaidan: the origin well of Oiwa-san"

(. _ .) Huh?

. . . .

(x O x) Aaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhh !!!!

Seriously, it was scary ! ! ! This well scared me ! ! I learned it out of soooo clear blue sky that it scared me even more, seriously!

I ran away. That's why I have no picture of it!

After I returned home I checked the internet, and learned that Hasegawa Heizō's grave was located in a completely different place, in a temple.

I don't know why but I visited "Oiwa-Inari Tamiya Jinja Shrine" (and"Oiwa-Inari Reijin").

I don't get my own behavior. It's strange.

By the way let me say thank you for all who gave me information, as the response to my yesterday's message! I think . . . I got it . . . now . . . (I just can't have any confidence in what I am saying:slumps down:)