Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Zero sense of direction

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

This image.

It's a stone kuma found outside of a pub in Ochanomizu. A mysterious stone statue, standing in dim light, unnoticed by anyone.

I sorta hate to say it, but he looks creepier than is necessary*

Ahem. Today I lost my way, for the first time in ages.

I heard that there's the grave of Hasegawa Heizō aka "Onihei," in around Yotsuya-sanchōme, so I just couldn't stop myself visiting the place as a Onihei fan. (*^o^*)

I went out . . .

And for some reason I decided to visit there on foot.

It's fairly a long way, but not a big deal as I like walking! Heh! - that's what I thought for a short while.

I walked on and on but couldn't find the landmark, Yotsuya Police Station ! !

What's wrong . . . I should be in around Yotsuya-sanchōme already . . .

I was getting nervous

And the next thing I knew was

The ministry of defense!

I found the ministry of defense!

Woot this looks fancy!

Aww that's not important right nowo(- . - o)

Hi-tan can't find her way at allo(- . - o)

So I asked the guard person at the entrance of the ministry of defense: "Er, excuse me, I believe Yotsuya Police Station is located around here . . . am I correct?"

"Oh, well . . . (with a regretful expression) It is on this street, but it's located beyond Yotsuya-sanchōme Station way ahead, around the signals down the street . . . "

. . . Huh?

NOoooooo ! ! ! (T O T)

That's sooo far away dude!

So I just learned I was walking in opposite direction for like 30 minutes (T O T)

Just how terrible with directions I could be:slumps down:

I was almost discouraged, but managed to recover, and made it to the destination eventually


"Huh~? Weird, it should be here, but I can't see any Hasegawa Heizō's grave like thing." I wandered around in the shrine for 10 minutes.

I couldn't find the grave.

(When I think back now I realize it's no wonder, 'cause it was a shrine (silly me))

No graves found, but there was a mysterious water well.

What's this well, enshrined with lots of seals? Looks quite old . . . I read the board on the side.

"Yotsuya Kaidan: the origin well of Oiwa-san"

(. _ .) Huh?

. . . .

(x O x) Aaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhh !!!!

Seriously, it was scary ! ! ! This well scared me ! ! I learned it out of soooo clear blue sky that it scared me even more, seriously!

I ran away. That's why I have no picture of it!

After I returned home I checked the internet, and learned that Hasegawa Heizō's grave was located in a completely different place, in a temple.

I don't know why but I visited "Oiwa-Inari Tamiya Jinja Shrine" (and"Oiwa-Inari Reijin").

I don't get my own behavior. It's strange.

By the way let me say thank you for all who gave me information, as the response to my yesterday's message! I think . . . I got it . . . now . . . (I just can't have any confidence in what I am saying:slumps down:)