Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My latest worry: garbage

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I changed my nail color!

To glittering yellow!

I'm already in the mood of summer ! ! ! (-too early)

By the way, as stated in the message title.

Garbage ! !

Garbage bothers me !

Help me( ; _ ; )

Effective this April something has been changed about the way of taking out the garbage in 23 wards of Tokyo . . .

I saw this news that you must throw out plastic things as flammable garbage from this April, so I thought "Wow~! I see. Gotta remember this," but April is already here and I haven't got any specific notification about this at all, which leaves me in the state of "Is it, is it really okay to throw out the plastics as flammable garbage?!"

I wondered about this for a couple of days.

According to the information on the net, it seems like the start timing varies from ward to ward, like a ward's timing is from October.

Also, there seems to be some in-detail instructions, like, the clean washed plastics are taken as recyclable garbage, while dirty ones are taken as flammable garbage.

How about the ward I'm living in. There seems to be no extensive announcement so far, so does this mean it is okay to take out the garbage in the same way as before?

Or is it just me who doesn't know anything, as I'm not contacting neighbors and don't belong to "housewives' meeting" type of thing?

Or do we just have to check it on the net by ourselves? (I've been checking it but haven't fount any accurate information so far~)

Awww this bothers me much.

And you know what, the rule varies from ward to ward, so does it mean that you gotta remember all the ward's rule you're concerned with, like you must follow the rule of Shibuya ward when you throw out the garbage in a building in Shibuya ward; you must follow the rule of Chiyoda ward when you're in a company in Chiyoda ward?

Or would it be just okay even if you don't do the trash separation too strictly?

I'm taking the trash separation as a mandatory thing, like some kind of obsession. What should I do:slumps down:

I always did the trash separation strictly, as if I were brain-washed.

This has been bothering me greatly at the moment:slumps down:

Guys in Tokyo who knows what's going on, please let me know( ; _ ; )