Thursday, April 10, 2008

~Oiwa-san version~

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


This makes me not afraid of Oiwa-san ghost story too much*

Ghosts scare me( ; _ ; )

Aww~anywayz, I didn't expect myself to end up in the place where the shrine of Yotsuya ghost story was, while I was heading for the temple Onihei's soul rested.

"I'm too stupid," is what I'd like to say, but actually, this kind of thing happens quite often to me.:slumps down:

Some time ago, when I met my friend at a Spanish restaurant . . .

I left home after I go the telephone number and checked the location since it was the first time I visited the restaurant, but I ended up arriving in a completely different Spanish restaurant, located in a completely different area, which surprised my friends:slumps down:

On top of that I ended up in a strange restaurant in a multi-tenant building near Shinjuku stations:slumps down:

"Here I am~!" I called them, then they replied "Oh OK, we're already in the restaurant" so I looked around but couldn't find my friends group . . . the guys of restaurant looked puzzled.

"Hey~! I can't find you (weep)" I called them again, then "Huh? Where are you?! In a multi-tenant building near the west exit of Shinjuku station?! How come you're in such a place?!" - they were surprised. After some more twists and turns, I managed to join my friends.

I can't believe that happened.

I'm disappointed by myself:slumps down:

I said Kouichi-san in "Domoto Kyoudai" show like "Maybe you could have those cellphone for kids, equipped with the GPS location system," but actually, seems like it is me who needs the cellphone with the GPS system(._.*)