Thursday, April 10, 2008

I mixed 'em up

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

(Picture taken from a dumped manuscript copy of Sumer Kuman)


I didn't know that it was Okiku-san of Banchō Sarayashiki who came out from the well and counted the number of plates . . .

So Oiwa-san was the ghost who was poisoned, got her face ruined, met her ill-fated death and cursed the people concerned to death.

Those two ghost stories were mixed up in my memory(T o T)

Thank you for a lot of pointing out(T o T)

Seeing the creepy well, immediately made me think it was concerned with the person of Sarayashiki.

So Oiwa-san has no specific connection with the well, but I wonder if the well I saw in Yotsuya was the one located in the place where her house was in the past.

In my childhood (when I was a little kid) I had a lot of Japanese books and read them so that I wouldn't forget Japanese language, and there was this Japanese ghost story compilation series that I loved and read very often. They got words like "mild" or "medium-spicy" on the cover.

The scarier the story was, the more the word leveled up, like "hot" or "super-hot(?)."

Maybe the people of my generation might still remember it I guess?

Sweet memories