Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things I got

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

It seems like Kaigen-san read my message, and they sent me a package of their throat drops, cough medicines and such!

I'm so happy~! Now my cough won't bother me any more!

I looked in the cardboard box my staff sent to my house.

Man that's a lot ! ! !

It'll take me forever to use all of them !

I'm sorry for them, as I just uploaded a photo of their product and they sent me all these stuff.

But I'll keep all of them somewhere in my house*

Thank you very much Kaigen-san*

. . . . Huh? (. _ .)

*sniff sniff* . . . (. _ .)

Uhoaghaaaaaaaaahhhhh ! ! !

Stinky - - - !

It smells terrible - - - !

What the heck

The smell, similar to that of Ryukakusan, which I hate most in this world, spreads over the entrance of my home!

(I once spit out a Ryukakusan throat drop right after I put it in my mouth) (Got it?! Do you know that smell?)


From what does this smell come!?

Is it an ingredient of herbal throat drop?!

Aaaaaah, the entrance is becoming packed every moment

With the smell that reminds me of Ryukakusan, or of some old guys

Aww sorry but I can't take this! Sorry about that!

Why does it smell like this:slumps down:

What should I do. What should I do with these things.

They were kind enough to give these to me but . . .

It stinks( ; _ ; )

It smells bad( ; _ ; )