Friday, April 25, 2008

Things I'm not good at

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


Kozlov, the character I said I wanna make friends with last time, looks like this.

I can hear you saying "Ah, just as I thought(lol)."

I wanna be Ion Green.

Well, by the way - everyone has "things that they're not good at," right.

One of the things I'm not good at is opening things.

Like, to open packages, to break a seal, to open a gift, whatnot. I'm very poor at doing those kind of things.

I'm physically not good at doing those things, and most of the time it goes like, after a long battle against plastic packages and such both the goods and I get battered. Also I mentally have feelings of resistance toward taking out something new from boxes or packages, so when I get new game machines or keyboards I often leave them for a while, without opening the packages.

When I bought a bunch of cute plates myself I left them in the bag for 1 month, which made my friend say it's unbelievable.

So, I guess you're wondering why I'm telling you things like this.

Let me tell you.

I, I just tried to open the box of new electric toothbrush a couple of minutes ago.

I was able to take it out of the box quickly, but i was packed by hard plastics

I had no idea from where and how I could open it, so I just tried to put my fingers into the small gap to tear it open.



Hmhh Hmhh

Yahhhhhh ! !

! ! ! CRACK ! ! !


. . . . .

Aaaaagghhhhh ! ! ! !
(x O x)

It was not the plastic package but my finger that split open - - - ! ! !

My thumb nail split in the middle - - - ! ! !

The upper half is coming off a lil bit - - !



I pressed my right thumb nail (the upper half of it) which was coming off to bond it again to my flesh.

The plastic package remained there, as if nothing had happened.

Awwww bandaid, where's the bandaid!?


Awww help me Super Kuman - !

The bleeding has stopped now and the nail stuck to my flesh again.

I'm pretty sure next time I visit the nailarium, the staff people would say "OMG What happened this time - - ! ?"

(I surprised them a couple of times previously when I got dead drunk and broke my nails)

I may need to keep myself away from Monster Hunter (a PSP game) which I'm so hooked on for a couple of days (T o T)

This hurts just too much to make attacks (T o T)

I'm about to beat Fru Fru (T o T)

Awww (T o T)

By the way I've been playing this game too much over the past one week and my light fourth finger has been paralyzing because of that, so maybe this could be a bad message from God telling me I'm playing Mon-Hun just too much . . .

He hehehehe . . . . (weep)

By the way, for your information.

The above scene of Kozlov is not that he got honey on his hand (lol)

His hand was cut from the right wrist and he got first-aid treatment on the wound by adhesive medicals.