Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ton Ton

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The episode of Oiwa-san shrine, where I had reached for some reason in search of Onihei's grave last week.

All the details of my mysterious behavior, are in a weekly magazine released today ! ! ! (lol)

(^_^). . . Oh no

Lately I've been active concerning my work, which made me seen often in magazines - as some weak content most of the time, but this time I was taken photos, and above all, what's written in it is the bare fact.

I've always had this idiosyncrasy envied by my artist/talent friends, that makes me paparazzied quite seldom even if I hanged around here and there, but this time I was fully paparazzied, in Oiwa-san shrine, of all places (lol)


On top of that

It seems like I wasn't stalked from my home.

I mean, I should've noticed if someone followed me from my home. 'Cause, that day I was literally lost and went back the way I came and looked around a dozen times until I got to the shrine, so I should have noticed any suspicious person if I were tailed.

(Actually, you were the suspicious person > me)

So then you'd ask me why I was paparazzied.

Well you know

I'm telling you

A reporter happened to be in Oiwa-san shrine

EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh (; 'o')

W, what a fateful encounter


What a coincidence, what a bad luck

Could this be the curse of Oiwa-san((((  ;*m*)))

What's done is done so I don't care about it much, anywayz(well, but I do think it was good that I felt like reaching for an ema next to the saisen-bako(shrine's donation box) but didn't grab one after all) (he'd definitely read my ema if I wrote one, well, he'd take photos of it and get them in the magazine!)

On my way home I was completely tailed, so he knew the goods I bought at a general store on the way, seems like.

I didn't noticed it at all.

I felt shivers down my spine when I heard from the magazine company. This kind of things really scares me . . .

Like, you get an email from the stalker telling you "You went there, did this, and you just returned home, I was watching you" after you go out and return home as usual.

Maybe how scary it feels, couldn't be understood unless you are once being stalked . . .

By the way, speaking of the goods I bought at a store on my way home.

This "Hikaru(luminous) pajama" !


Ton Ton

That's what it says ! ! !

o(- . - o) Ton Ton

You know these words emerge dimly in the darkness after you turn the light off, right?! What is it?! I don't get it! (lol)

How come you try to gleam, buta-san

o(- . - o)Ton Ton

I often drop in at that store and get pajamas and such, and that time I was excited to find this pajama I've never seen before, with a useless function, so bought it immediately.

I searched if there were any other pajamas of this series, but unfortunately they had only this pajama for women. I found an another one for men in a different design, so I bought it too right away.

Whew, I gotta be more cautious when I walk outside, as it really scares me and makes my heart weak to be stalked and informed about it afterwards.
I was less cautious as I was thinking like "I didn't do anything wrong~" (._.*)

See? Buta-san.