Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Unruly hair

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

My mom's hair is wicked ultra straight,

And my dad's is naturally curly.

(Which is something like Koizumi-styled hair, as is)

And mine is, basically, straight. Very straight, so you'll hardly get curly or frizzy hair.

But ! ! !

The whole hair looks just a lil bit tweaked.

Get it?

I tend to get this especially when I wear my hair short, like, all my hair is running in the counterclockwise direction.

Which leads my hair on the left side to hop outward.

(Which makes you look like, partly Tanihara Shōsuke san, as is (lol))

It's pretty tough to tame this.

It keeps hopping outward, no matter how many times I try to give a smooth to it . . .

And it bothers me . . .

My hair makeup staff san can handle this if I'm at work, but when not at work I'm stuck, as I can't blow my hair myself(._.*)

I wonder if all girls out there can do blowing or styling their hair themselves(._.*)