Friday, May 09, 2008


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Inocchi's wedding reception was held last week but I couldn't attend it as I was working in NY (;_; )

I really wanted to be there (;_; ) *weep*

I missed Inocchi's proud moment.

If I recall, Shou-chan of Kishidan also couldn't attend because of work, so now I come to think of it, it might've been a miracle that all members of us good friends were able to attend Shou-chan's wedding reception.

I'll celebrate him when we meet next ! !

Be that as it may.

Last month I got the invitation card.

I, Inocchi~! (T o T)

My name~!

It's wrong~!

FYI - the envelope in this envelope read correctly as "宇多田."

I guess someone who wrote my address for him made this mistake but . . . it's just like him to do this kind of thing, which is a lil touching for me.

Oh, by the way the reason why the envelope in the image is so wrinkled is because I was about to trash it first, then changed my mind as I thought "Oh, this could be a good subject for my message - let's take a picture."

Maybe I'll try to hold a wedding ceremony and reception things next time I marry someone.

I wanna do very weird things in that case. Like, the bride and groom appear giving some strange sounds, on roller-skates and carrying shopping bags of Isetan with them.

Like, all guests must cosplay.

Like, I must wear the Afroed wig all the time.

Like, I must be in Kuroko suit.

Aww I would look so miserable if no one thinks it's funny.

Oh, I'd forgotten I could use Kuma Chang suit.