Friday, May 09, 2008

Ueno Juri in my view

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Last Friends"! Do you watch that TV drama?

My song, Prisoner Of Love is featured as the theme song.

I heard it's getting higher and higher viewer rating every time it's aired.

Would be interesting I guess.

Huh, did you just say "would be" . . . ?

. . . I thought I must watch this as its preview things looked interesting at first, but I don't have this habit to watch dramas on a routine basis at all and so far not being able to watch it even once:slumps down:

Also I almost have no sense of time and day, so I have no idea what day is Thursday or what time it is now:slumps down:

Most of the time I realize like "Oh! So today was Thursday, by any chance?!" at around Thursday midnight.

I said Ueno Juri chan "I'll watch it!" :slumps down:

Well actually, before the drama started, when I sang Prisoner Of Love in HEY!HEY!HEY! special show (not M-Ste).

Ueno Juri chan who was doing some shootings in the studio nearby, came to see me singing, then came to my dressing room to say hello to me!

And then, you know what, she told me she was a fan of me!

OMG, it's more than I deserve! I mean it! I really appreciate that!

She said she's always listening to my new album in the car!

And her fave one is "Take 5"!

(which made me think she'd be a real fan of me, judging from that her choice)

Awww I'm soooo happy and she's soooo cute that I could eat her.

I drew an illustration of Ueno Juri chan I saw live, giving my best effort.

She really looked like that.

I saw a flower on her head.

Just a joke.

Well but she really had this fluffy, soft kind of image, that could make you see a flower on her head.

She was cute though she herself didn't trying to look cute. A natural type girl she was.

However . . . .