Sunday, December 10, 2006

1st day of the 9th year

Heeeeey! What's up~?

I don't mean to be too personal here, but yesterday was the 8th anniversary since my debut!

Wooot! Clap clap clap clap!

For the staff and all of you who supported me for 8 years, this looong period of time . . . I would like to give you that thing, for the first time in ages . . .

Take this!

Thanks-beam!! (  . _ .)--------* *feeeep*

Phew, that felt good*

Yesterday I was right in the studio, working on a new project.

Suddenly the lights turned off . . . "Wow! What does this mean! Maybe they would celebrate my anniversary! *Pound pound!!*" I thought and then again the lights turned on . . . then turned off and on and off and on and off and I heard voices saying "Huh? Isn't it this one? Eh? What's this? Oh, this one?" (lol) . . . (Yes it's okay, no problem, I'm happy surrounded by the fun staff like this)

Here comes the cake with the lit candles~! You see 8 small flickering candle lights! Oh my! This lis like a birthday! Hikaru is so moved!

Watched over by all the people, I took a big deep breath, getting tensed up thinking "Are they going to test my vital capacity as a singer, by any chance . . . ?!" then towards the candle lights -
"Poooooooof ! ! !"

. . . ?

(T o T) Aaaghh The record is, 2 candles!

You know, there's a knack to it, ha ha . . . . (Maybe I should've done like poof! poof! poof! rather than poooooooof! I gave that some serious thought. What's this all about, huh.)

I had a slight stomach ache since morning, so I left the studio early without eating the cake, and went to sleep early on my happy anniversary of all days. Hehe.

I mean, my strategy is to take a little rest around here, then work hard through the end of this year!!

I guess all of you would be busy with events or works or celebrations at the end of the year, but why don't we have some mikans or something and finish off the year in good health(*^o^*)

PS I'm sooooooooo gllaaaaaaaad at the submissions of "Boku wa Kuma" colorings and songs!!!!

Kuma Chang is the happiest bear in the world
(T o T ) ) ( ( T o T) Oooooohhh