Friday, May 26, 2006

Fundoshi keeps me awake

I can't believe I didn't sleep well again last night, following that jigsaw puzzle thing the night before last . . .
My thoughts on Fundoshi just kept me awake.
(/#_#) :stewing:

It was already time that the morning sunshine shone in through the curtains, when I was asking myself hugging a pillow why it made me feel so unreasonable that Fundoshi was called as "Classic Pants."

I mean, Is there any possibility that calling Fundoshi as Classic Pants might set up a wrong equation as if the origin of pants is rooted in Fundoshi? I believe pants are the clothes that originated in the West, aren't they?? ( -o- )

Can you call all those men's underwear such as trunks, briefs, boxer briefs and whatnot as "Modern Fundoshi" as a whole?? ( -o- )

That's what I want to say!
Have you got it? ( -o- )

At first I thought I'd have a bunch of reactions like "Hahaha! What are you talking about~!" or just "Wow!" after my last message, but holy crap!
"It's been in the media for some years now"
"Hikaru-san you're a little behind, not knowing about Classic Pants"
I got emails like that!

(/ ' O')/ So they think something is wrong with ME not knowing Fundoshi has been in style, right?!

I say those who wear Fundoshi are supposed to be the ones behind the times(about 200 years)! So you say I am the one behind the times?

( ^ _^).o0 Don't be silly.

By the way, my dad said he wore "Akafun" in schools' swimming classes. That's red Fundoshi.

"So I know how to gird it. Hehe." That's what he said.

"Wow . . . That's great . . . " That's what I could only say.

(Though I say it myself I think my dad is cute. Really.)

I wonder if some traditional schools still use "Akafun" in their swimming classes?

Oh, and you know, I found a great thing, which made me excited! I was listening to my dad's detailed explanation on the structure of Fundoshi and . . . Hmm? So the side part is corded like a string? And the back part forms into a string shape as well while wearing it? Hmm . . .

(/ ' O')/ !


That's . . . !

That's very close to T-back isn't it?!
Uh-huh! So that means Fundoshi is the originator of T-back!
Phew I feel good now. .:*:.(*^-^) I think I can get a good sleep tonight*

. . . I wonder how random I could possibly be. What nerve I've got to spend a sleepless night thinking about things like this. Well, please just take me as one of those delicate artists!

(^o^) Bwa ha ha !!!

All I can say to conclude this is, say, that I would name Fundoshi "Classic T-back" if I were going to sell it! (I think I wouldn't sell Fundoshi actually, but you'll never know what will happen in your life*)

I say, this name clearly represents that I have zero (or rather, a minus?) amount of business sense . . .

Thank God I'm a musician( T _ T )
The End*