Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fundoshi Revolution

Today I went to the studio and people said to me,

" . . . You look drowsy, didn't you sleep well?"
"Hikaru-chan you look painful, are you all right?"

That's what I was said ! !
('o'|||) :shocked:

"Well I was rehearsing the tour in my head till dawn, hehe" or "Well I've got some worries" . . . that's what I'd like to say, but I can't lie because I showed the images of the jigsaw puzzle yesterday! (T x T)

Oh well, lying is not a good thing*

"It's just, er, I was like, doing the petit jigsaw puzzle till morning . . . "

That's why everyone gave me a wry smile(or just drew back?).

Huh, it's pretty hard to live honestly( -_-)humph.

And now regarding Fundoshi(-rare phrase), I saw it in an article this morning! It read that "Fundoshi" was popular as a Father's Day gift in some department stores!

At first I took it as a joke, but I read the article and found that it was really sold and indeed popular. I don't get it! It takes a long time for my sleep-deprived-because-of-the-puzzle head to understand it!

On top of that, its trade name was "Classic Pants."

(/ ' O')/

(/ ' O')/ Classic

(/ ' O')/ Pants . . . ?

Is that okay?!
Something is wrong isn't it?!

Did they make sure to obtain Fundoshi-san's agreement?
Like, "Effective today, we would like to call you as Classic Pants. Do you have any objection to it?"!

The article also had comments from some who purchased it, which were like "I get a good breeze" or "It takes a little courage to put it on underneath my suit."

Hey wait! ( -_- ) In what dress would you need no courage! (I wonder when you put it on, Fundoshi, in the first place)

This is perfect as a Father's Day gift of this year . . . I guess? It makes me very wistful to imagine my dad wearing fundoshi and stuff . . .

But people used to wear it in the past, yeah*

You're a failure as an artist if you're obsessed with a fixed idea! Alright! Vive la Classic Pants, not Fundoshi ! !
|(T_T)*(T_T)| Hurrrray