Thursday, May 25, 2006

This is the Virgin of the Rocks

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

At first I decided to go to bed as it was late and finish the puzzle tomorrow, but I was too obsessed with it to sleep so I got out of bed and finished it!

(^o^)@*@(^_^) Cheers!

Phew~! I feel great!
Aww~! I have a stiff neck~!

It's hard to say "Er, well . . . It's sorta because of Petit Jigsaw Puzzle . . . " if I go for a massage and they ask me "You have a very stiff neck and shoulders~, did you work too hard?"

Many people start from the edge part, but I prefer to play my hunch. I pick up a piece with my fingers, let my mind empty with no evil thoughts like "I hope this fits here" and move my hands with the feeling like I turned something same as the piece material, then something tells me "this might fit here." Sometimes it doesn't fit though I thought "It must be here!" and later I finds out it's just upside down. Then I think "So this is surely the right place! I'm not too bad~!," and this kind of case makes me very excited!

Now I can go to bed with no worries.

Have a good night
:twinkles: .:*:.(*^-^)