Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm sorry, Bach-san

I had been listening to Bach's "Air on the G String" on a loop-play mode in the background while I was writing yesterday's message*

Today I was again listening to "Air on the G String" in the car, and found myself again having picked up a song that perfectly suited those themes like "Fundoshi," "T-back" ! !

Such cases, that you'll fail if you try to use foreign words in English just as they are, are shown on TV from time to time, right? Like for example, Americans would never understand it if you say "gaadoman(security guard)" just as "guardman" to them.

The same could go for "T-back."
In English, those panties that are thin like a string at the back are called "thong" or "G-string."

. . . Which means, no other songs could be better background music than "Air on the G String" !

w(' o' )w Oooh~

(I'm sorry, Bach-san)

Now I've got a simple question: I understand that they are named "~string" as they are string-like pants, but why do we call them "G-string" of all other names? Where does "G" come from . . .

. . . (-_-; ) It seems like, nothing good comes of it when I say "simple question" on this site . . . like "Winnie the Farter Bear" of the other day and "T-back" of this time . . .

I'll go check it out and hit the sack soon, so that I won't have to write a message with the title "T-back keeps me awake" tomorrow*

But, that said, I really wanna tap the potential of G more and explore my brain by imagining or considering this and that, before I look up the origin of G and easily find out the truth . . . !

Aww! I know it in my head that I shouldn't waste my time on things like this and go short of sleep but my heart just doesn't listen to me!
(*x.x*) Oh boy, what a hardhead my heart is!

Alright do whatever you want.

. . . Yup (  . _ . )