Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Something that's always been on my mind

I realized it when I was 19: I can very well hear something ultrasound-like from the rat repeller devices set on places like the back door of buildings. I would even yell out "Yeow!" and run off in certain places.

I asked "What's this sound??" when going into the garden of my friend's house and no one had any idea what I was saying, but later it turned out to be the cat/rat repeller sound, and I didn't hear it on the next visit when I had asked him/her to turn off the sound.

So far the worst time was when I went to see "Haru no Yuki" at Tokyo International Film Festival - when I went out by the back door of the hotel called the Grand Hyatt located right next to the festival site after finished putting make-up on and getting dressed. Though I was wearing high-heeled shoes in slightly larger sizes and the street was on a slope, I ran away! Ear buzzing x 500,000!

Poor rats! - I thought, but yeah it is a problem if rats get in the hotel. I'm absolutely sure that there are no rats in the Grand Hyatt! (lol)

It didn't occur to me until a staff person told me "How about covering your ears?" that it was a simple matter of covering my ears. Silly me~. I didn't notice that before as the sound, or rather pain, always pierced into my brain like a high whining . . .

"Yeah that's right! Me too me too! I can hear that too!" - if you're one of those then come on!!! Email Hikki!

The reason why I'm telling this story now, is that I thought I might be able to hear that only when I was young as the ability might decrease with age, and wondered if I could make meaningful use of it, when I searched the words "ultrasound hear" on the net and read this or that.

It seems that music has those kinds of ultrasounds in it, and that everyone sensuously hears or feels it a little bit, which is likely to make us feel good when listening to music - or something like that. (remembering it vaguely (lol)) I have always wondered if I might be getting more feeling of pleasure from music than others. If that's because I feel the ultrasounds very much then it makes very much sense to me.

I'm gonna check this out further~! Come on please, if you have any information on this!