Saturday, September 09, 2006

Impulse buying

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Well, it was when I visited Matsuyama last month . . .

I strolled into the convenience store next to the hotel before I knew it, like being sucked in by something.

The moment I felt cool air in the store on my skin, that thing, yes THAT THING captured my eyes.

Oh . . .

Can't believe . . . !

O . . .

( / 'o')/ Obocchama-kun stickers - - - ! ! !

Next instant I took the sticker in my hand*

Given the place I barely refrained from shouting strangely like "Wooooot!!!" but I was all excited secretly. I was so max-hyped up that my hand with the sticker was slightly trembling!!! (Just why does this sort of stuff always switch me on . . . )

Looking closely at the sticker I found that it was a collaboration sticker of some local mascot-like character and Obocchama-kun. Hmmm hmmm hmmm! (I don't care about what the mascot-like character is though, to be honest) Anyways, you can observe it later as you already decided to buy it, Hikaru! Yes!

But wait a minute. Maybe I could buy one more piece, just in case! Two pieces! Could it be enough? (What am I calculating?) All right! This will do!

. . . So that's why I bought two pieces of the sticker. That's a typical case of impulse buying.

On top of that, I had this bad feeling after I returned to the hotel: "it's very likely Murakami-chan of my office would go to that convenience store too . . . so she could possibly find and buy that for me . . . "

The next day, on my arriving in the backstage of the venue I found a piece of that Obocchama-kun sticker on the table, just as I thought!!!

Eeeeek! N, now I have 3 pieces of Obocchama-kun sticker in total!! ( ' O ' )

Whew . . . seems like I'd spend my life putting Obocchama-kun stickers on my personal belongings meaninglessly for the time being . . .
All good boys and girls, you gotta be smart and cautious when you do the shopping*

After that, Murakami-chan and I fell into talk about things like: "Why did they choose Obocchama-kun for the sticker? The person who came up with this collaboration idea, he/she's got a great sense of imagination."

Could it be, by any chance . . .

. . . because Matsuyama is famous for "Bocchan" by Natsume Soseki? (-_-; )