Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Old PC, aka time capsule

After talking about the time when I was writing messages with lots of smileys I saved in my PC's dictionary, I sort of missed that time and eventually I pulled, digged out my laptop I was using two years ago!

At first my main purpose was just to check the smileys saved and take notes of some I felt like using again, but what came out of it was a pile of treasures!

They were like: past diaries and random thoughts(. . . how did I get hooked on such gloomy thoughts like this? What a fruitcake!); essays I wrote for high school assignment(re-reading it now makes me feel like making a fair copy and improving here and there); emails sent(aaaagh how come I told such a thing to this person! Huh, did I really write such a cutesy or suggestive thingy? I bet I did it on purpose (lol)); emails received(you've got a friend, indeed . . .); pictures I took with my digital camera(hey did I take such a stupid picture? Ah, I haven't seen this girl/boy in a while, wonder if she/he's doing well); a couple of drafts for messages here(oh yes, I always spent two hours or so on the draft, wonder how I could manage all this up to now) and so on!!

It's just like "digging up a time capsule"!
It was the most suitable way to spend a skeptical autumn dusk.

But I found a strange thing while browsing the list of words registered in PC's dictionary.
Though most of them were sort of smileys, some of them were just "normal" words like "Utada," which cannot be converted to kanji at once.
All of them should've been registered manually by myself and what makes me wonder a bit is:


Huh? Who's that? What is that?
I don't know any guy with that name!
I don't think this word could be the important one which is often used, or deserves to be registered in PC's dictionary! (lol)

What's that ~ ??

Say it gets dark much earlier lately . . .