Monday, October 28, 2002

The moment I feel I'm linked with you all

Thank you so much for thinking up lots, lots of ideas to my looking for requests of ringtones!

Here let me sum up the most popular ideas:

I found many of the ideas like - "I'd love something which can be used as wake-up alarm!", "something that cheers me up to live through a day!" and . . .

"It's a common one, but how about 'Hey, you've got a call!' or 'You've got mail!", which sounds very hikki-ish?"

Also many people sent me requests for something funny, and I found so many of them asking for my mimicking Mr. Masayoshi Yamazaki, "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~(=Let's go home)," which I did when I was on TV and on tour.
Thank you for your nomination. (lol)

(Setting my mimicking Mr. Yamazaki aside) I feel relieved knowing that I'm aiming at the same target as you all, since I was thinking of the same sort of idea (setting my mimicking Mr. Yamazaki apart)!

However, here is an important fact.

The max. time length I can record my voice is just 2.5 seconds.
Well, I think I can manage to say a word within that limit. Actually all voice-ringtone makers are fighting within that, you know.

But I'd say, those 2.5 seconds are a very severe limit indeed, to play to the gallery! 'Cause the word will be repeated again and again while the phone is ringing, right??

What if I made a joke ringtone, whatever sort it was - a fairly straightforward one, surreal one or even the one like "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~" by taking playful fans at their words, and what if people downloaded it . . . it would be an ultimate masochistic act in public! Downloading and listening to it for the first time may bring you some fun, but I'm sure it will soon turn into "a silly voice ringtone" after being repeated over and over, even if it may be the funniest gag I've ever made as a musician! (lol)

"Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~" "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~" "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~" "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~" "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~"

See, it's annoying enough just by being written down, isn't it? (lol)

So I reject your idea of mimicking after all. No offence!
Then what would be a good idea instead . . . again this is the hard part . . .
But I, Utada, who showed her astounding stumble at the very moment of her first appearance on TV at the age of 16, promise I'll manage to think out something cool!!!

Hey, it seems like I'm 100 times more into this matter than that last night's mail about working out the lyrics thingy, or is it just me feeling this way? (lol)

Bwa ha ha !!!