Monday, October 28, 2002

If it were a couple of years ago ??

After the last sentence of my previous message, "please look forward to it . . .", don't you think . . .

. . . I'd place a cute smiley face if it were a couple of years ago???

You should've just nodded thinking "yeah that's it exactly!"if you've been reading my messages since long before!

Sometimes people ask me why I haven't use smileys lately and it's because . . .

. . . I lost all the smileys I registered on my PC after I changed the PC to a new one several times, and eventually I ended up getting all of them disabled as I was lazy enough not to re-register them one by one or create a new one!

So here, let me use it again after a long time - to refresh my brain and for a change away from writing the lyrics . . .

face mark Bwahahahahaha!

Oh wow, this is great! Have you ever seen such an irrelevant use of a laughing-out-loud smiley like this?! (lol)

Eh? You think it's a problem that I'm getting myself out of order here for a change, 'cause it's a little too late at night to call my friend or go out??

Well then I'm gonna take a bath now and work on the lyrics again a little more!

Uh, actually I feel refreshed now by writing up here. (lol)