Monday, January 07, 2008


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

So you ask me how come Hikki doesn't have a DS Lite? Well, I did receive one from Nintendo-san when it's just released, a white-color one!

I've always felt sorry to own it when it was tough to get, just because I appeared in its commercial a while ago (especially when you think of it that a lot of kids wanna have it), so I've been meaning to buy another one myself at some point.

The white-color DS Lite you see on the right of the image: I played Tetris on it so many times that its buttons and arrow keys are now slow to respond, so honestly I kinda needed a new one. I've always thought that it's too luxurious to buy a new one though it's not broken . . . but I yielded to temptation when I saw the pale pink DS Lite, so I bought it.

This color is called "metallic rose," and it's a very beautiful pink though my cell phone camera isn't able to capture its true color perfectly! You didn't expect that I would choose a pink DS? He he he he.

It's like, a cool nice color! Like, the color of Sakuramochi I'd say. Hmmm, get it? It's pink, but a little bit brown-ish, as well as light purple-ish.

I'll practice cooking with DS Oryōri Navi this year (._.; )