Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Girl with house

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Awwww it's freezing cold ! ! ! !

When you spend winter in Tokyo you tend to compare the coldness with of New York and let your guard down, like "Hehe~It's so easy~It's like a warm autumn day, compared to winter in New York~"

But I thought today was freezing cold.

Well it was cold indeed, I guess.

How fortunate I am, having a house to return to( ; _ ; )

The moment I get in my house, I enter into the happy, warm and cozy world

I'm very fortunate to change into a pair of pajamas and get into bed with smooth pillow and futon( ; _ ; )

I'm very much moved to the point of tears every time by this fact( ; _ ; )

On top of that I've got a nice bath, with the control function of hot-water that comes with a woman's voice that confirms every change made on the settings( ; _ ; )

I'm so grateful to all these things everyday( ; _ ; )

This kind of talk could go on forever, so now I change the subject to the image above.

Some days ago, when I went to the studio, Komori-kun handed this big bouncy ball to me.

"I believe this is Hikaru-san's, isn't it?"


What's this --- ! ! ! This is so bloody cute - ! ! A kuma-san is in it - ! And he has a camera --- ! ! ! I've never seen such a bouncy ball like this - !

"Eh! So this isn't Hikaru-san's stuff!?"

It seems like, it was left(?) on the sink of women's restroom. All the studio stuff concluded that it should be Hikaru-san who owned it, and they decided to return it to me.

They say, nobody would own such a childish thing like bouncy ball, with a kuma in it, but me.

They say, they wondered like "Hikaru-san . . . what was she doing in the restroom?"


This is something hard to believe for me myself, but it is not ME who left this kuma bouncy ball in the restroom of the studio . . . It's someone else . . . . ! ! !

Only few women use this studio. The number of its possible owner is extremely limited.

Who is it . . . Who is the person that has such a good, superb taste, having such a wonderful item . . .

I, I sincerely hope we can become friends ! ! (T o T)

(Scratch that)

I'd very much like the person to come forward and get this bouncy ball back into her hands, if this is something important to her!

Err, this is to be taken by Utada Hikaru if the owner doesn't come get it after a couple of days (lol)

Thanks in advance.

Just one more effort to wrap up the album

I see the end coming

I wanna get this wrapped up asap.

(^-^)/ Alright guys, seeya soon~