Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sorry for causing you so much worry

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Here is Utada Hikaru, who thought of wearing pierced earrings for the first time in ages last week, found the piercing holes were closed so stuck the earrings into my ears, !zunk!


How are you, guys!

I was half-dead for the past couple of days (<3)

The first long, time-consuming video shootings in a while, completion of making my new album, lower-back pain that started the moment I turned 25, because of the pent-up tiredness caused by this and that, which they say. Well, it's been chilly enough to have snow in Tokyo, and I sort of hibernated together with Kuma Chang(^0^)

This lower-back pain hurts, seriously! Oh boy!

It ached so bad when I put on my socks, that I thought I'm okay with bare feet forever! (That's a lie)

I'm to go to the doctor next Monday(;_; ) *sob*

When I turned 20 it was miserable, like I had kanashibari for 3 consecutive nights from the night of my birthday, caught flu and such, so maybe I gotta be cautious when I have nice round birthday. > me

The next is 30 . . . gotta watch out!

I still have a lot of gifts I wanna show you here . . . gotta upload more and more!

By the way ! ! !

Have you already seen it ?? Have you ??

The CM of Recochoku ! ! !

It's being aired from yesterday, and to be aired a lot of times in the days ahead!

This is the best CM in the history of Utada Hikaru ever, I think!

I haven't seen it yet, but I'll keep the TV on and keep a close watch on it. He he he he.

By the way, I heard that the ke-tai movie version can be downloaded via my mobile-site by EMI(oops I almost wrote Toshiba) so I rushed to download it myself! I never get tired of watching it . . . Hehehehe.

I used the 2D barcode thing by ke-tai for the first time! Never knew it was that handy . . . !