Saturday, January 05, 2008

Big surprise ending

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

'The pyro-theif, no, Heizō the Kuma! Now I'll take your life!'




The king of Jidaigeki for me is "Onihei Hankachō"

I just learned SKAPA has a Jidaigeki-only channel, so I'm planning to send the application for adding it right away

I'm excited


I can watc Onihei ! ! !

Awww I'm so excited that I forgot to add "h"

Anywayz, Kuma Chang has given Jidaigeki fever to Utada Hikaru! My personal fave of the time is Jidaigeki! Jidaigeki rules ! (limited only to me)

I bought a bunch of Jidaigeki-cosplay items at Tokyu Hands in the end of last year. Those Kuroko outfit, jutte and katana are part of them.

I went to the store memorizing what was where as I'd been keeping an eye on every single item, but you know what, a completely different stuff was placed on the place where Jidaigeki items had been until very recently, and I went:

"Oh NOOOOOOOO Come on ! ! ! Could it be that, they removed Jidaigeki section as they were too unpopular ? ? ? Weeeeeeeep ! ! I should've bought them the other day - - - ! ! I'm shocked . . . ! Stupid me ! I've forgotten the Utada family rule('If you see a babe, go speak to her,' which means 'Don't miss your golden chances') . . . "

I was soooo shocked and depressed that I got absent-minded and couldn't hear my friend saying "Maybe we could check other Hands stores?"

But, I'm telling ya, my friend dragged absent-minded me and kept browsing around the Party Goods floor further, then . . . !

There they are ! ! ! !

We found em ! ! !

The Jidaigeki section had been moved to a completely different place for some reason ! ! !

Oh my God! my Bear! my Buddha!

Thank you my grandpa in heaven!

I nearly wept for joy for sure, and I spent ca. 20 thousand yen on those things . . . (I wonder what Happiness truly is)

And you know the jutte was so heavy (lol)

A real weight (lol)

My bag got huge after buying a bunch of voluminous stuff, so I struggled on my way home withstanding strong wind resistance. It was heavy too.

But I'm so happy I bought them(*^-^)

That was the best shopping of 2007(*^-^)

I really like the Kuroko outfit(*^-^)

By the way my work (first work of the year) is going quite well today, and I'm starting the new year days in a pleasant mood!

I've got Otoshidama too ! ! ! !