Thursday, January 17, 2008

Something unimaginable

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Onihei Hankachō

"The original by Shōtarō Ikenami is pretty nice too!"

"The manga version by Takao Saito is worth a read too!"

A couple of people told me like that by email, but only the TV series works for me.

I did read the manga version! It was huge fun. I love Onihei more than Golgo 13! Mr. Takao Saito!

But !!

You know, the music of TV series.

The outro song is ! !

"Inspiration" by Gipsy Kings !

What a miraculous music choice(T o T)

The music is being played on the main menu of the DVD right now.

This is so hot. Every time this song is played at the ending, my chest feels tight.

Every time I shed tears a lil bit. Like, AwwwwWW I'm totally blown away---- Awwwwww!

Th, this sound . . . this sound is something that can only be made by the person who has gone through lots of sadness and swallowed them down(T o T)

I can see the fingertips playing the guitar(T o T)

I can listen to this like forever!

Once again I realize the greatness of live musical instruments.

This time I put live strings in 2 songs, the one I just told you about, and Flavor Of Life, in the album.

I did the basic strings arranging for both songs though. When I replace the programmed strings of synthesizer by the live strings. I feel my body kinda tremble.

Th same thing happens when I record acoustic-guitar sounds and such.

I know what sort of sound strings and guitar make, and I've experienced the recordings of them many times, but I always see a totally different world when the real sound of them comes in.

Of course the sounds are recorded just as I myself imagined and arranged, but there's this moment when the sounds goes beyond my own image. When something, unimaginable thing comes back to me.

In such a moment I feel happy, I believe, because the phrase or line I wrote is re-created, or realized, as something greater than I expected.

The exact opposite of "disappointment."

A sheer satisfaction. Maybe I should call it "emotion"?

I'm living, seeking for this, I think.

Something unimaginably wonderful comes back to me. Or something unimaginably horrible or catastrophic comes back to me.

It's just okay whichever thing comes back, I just need it.

Whew~. Speaking of which, the box set of Onihei Hankachō.

It was good I bought this (T o T)
I bought a very good thing (T o T)