Monday, July 10, 2006

Roger Federer won 4 straight titles

He won 4 straight Wimbledon titles.

Federer is amazing( ' o')
That's why he's called the King of Grass.

That was a really fun match.

And Nadal, he always seems nervous and looks sullen, but today he showed various looks, which made me very happy as a fan*hehe. He even smiled a little! Wish I had recorded it!

You did a good job! > Nadal & me & all the people in the world who worked hard all day today

Day Two in Shizuoka is over now with no problems. It seems like, I was in very good shape today! Wonder why I'm always in better shape on Day Two than Day One . . . I wanna make Day One better!! And I wanna make Day Two better and better too!!!

Come to think of it, the audience was awesome tonight. At first I thought "Everyone is quiet today, what can I do for this?" but . . . it seems like everyone got their engine started from the second half of the show and hit their accelerator as hard as speeding violation. Which got me excited too.

Phew. I've got hot flashes-. I feel a flush at the back of my neck-.

Good night!

(:D)-|--| *falls with a thud*