Sunday, July 23, 2006

Item I got in Fukuoka: 4

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

It's "sand"! Once again!

So you ask what sort of sand is it. I don't know any details about it as I left the description paper at the hotel, but anyways it's some very good sand of Fukuoka! (-in my very vague memory)

It is used for purifying, or it is also good to place it by your side to protect yourself against evils. It seemed like this one was in every room of the hotel.

I took a ceremonial photo of the Sahara sand and the Fukuoka sand side by side*

Somehow it amazes me that these ones are placed side by side. Could be a big sensation if this were the era of Marco Polo. Humans, goods, animals, plants, information: it has become easy to transmit anything, which scares me a little bit. Unnatural things have become natural! I mean, because it's so unnatural that the Fukuoka sand and the Sahara sand get this close to each other!

I wonder what the earth is gonna be like. I feel both nervous and excited.

That's all! That's the end of the last episode of "Item I got in Fukuoka" series!