Saturday, July 08, 2006

*Untold Story behind Day One in Sendai*

I told you in reverse order but on Day One, a lot of things happened to me!

In the morning, at around half past eight, the earthquake that shook the bed woke me up.

I fell into the state of "Where am I, who am I" for a moment as I was in an unfamiliar room, but what crossed my mind next was the worry of 'Is the stage all right??'.

Then I checked my ke-tai and holy crap! What I found was '4 incoming calls'!

Quite honestly, it was a miracle that '4 incoming calls' was displayed on the ke-tai of me, who does emailing sometimes but honestly has trouble in calling!!! Perhaps it was the first time in my life! I hate to brag, but all the calls I get are from my staff about work things and from my husband. Humph!

I thought some problems might've occurred and emergency calls were made, so I rushed to check the incoming calls history and found 3 missing calls plus one message.

Could be butt calls, but I checked the message just in case.

"Excuse me~! Hello~! This is @# on the telephone tree speaking~! I heard today's blah-blah-blah was cancelled and postponed to such and such a date~! Sorry I'm away from home right now and only knew your ke-tai's number~! Well I, I'll make Yuuki contact you later~! Good bye~!"

That's exactly what you call a butt call.

On top of that, this @#-san's high-pitched voice won on an ace over my brain that just got up*

. . . Annoying . . . I thought, and tried to sleep again, but I couldn't get the word 'telephone tree' out of my mind!!!

That was a call from the telephone tree so does this mean, I am the one who's gonna break the tree here?? He/She said he/she'd make Yuuki contact, so it seems like someone should be in trouble later on, right? Am I around the end of the tree? Or am I around the beginning of the tree and gonna get a lot of people in trouble? Is this gonna be a big issue of responsibility for @#-san?

The last time I concerned the telephone tree thing was when I was in junior high. It was nothing but fear for me, who was very poor at doing this kind of messaging, businesslike stuff properly as promised. I got nervous just by looking at the telephone tree paper on the fridge!

I was listed around the tail end of the tree as 'Utada' because I was in a English-speaking school, but I should've been listed around the very beginning of the tree as 'Utada' if I'd been in a Japanese-speaking school, and I would've been under a huge pressure. Good I was in an international school.

That kind of thoughts raced through my mind!!!

And . . . I pressed the call button!



'(What makes you that hyper?) I'm the one who got some calls from you, and I called you as I thought you had the wrong number.'

"Eh?? Oh! Oh I see! I'm sorry!"

'Okay then, bye'

"Ah yes, bye, sorry for that~!"

*slam* *beep beep beep*

I felt relieved and fell back to sleep! Zzz zzz! I woke up in the early afternoon~. I almost overslept~.

By the way I wonder if that telephone tree made its way to the end without any trouble after that. I feel like I'm a little worried about it. I also feel like I don't really care about it.
(^o^) Bwa ha hah!!!

I've always loved watching tennis, and this 20 year old boy called Nadal playing a match on TV right now, is my favorite of the moment! He's got so much of athletic ability and he looks like a wild animal, which is cute~! He's got too beautiful arms!

His opponent Baghdatis(seems like the commentators find it very hard to pronounce his name) (actually they've been mistaking a lot) is also a young, developing, unknown quantity and dedicated type of interesting player, but I'm behind Nadal that I've been keeping an eye on since last year! He's like, a fierce rabbit which is cute . . . or rather, a beaver?

Ooh Taghdatis just hit a miracle shot!! The match is getting interesting so see you later~!