Friday, July 07, 2006

*Untold Story behind Day Two in Sendai*

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

On Day Two of the shows in Sendai, about an hour before the show, I got zunda mochi at backstage!

It was the first time I saw zunda mochi! I heard it was from some well-known shop, but it looked like puke, partly because of the shop's own arrangement! Gee! A puke-looking thing! Yet yummy and popular! Wow! Really looks like puke! And still I wanna eat it!

When I was looking hard at zunda mochi imagining it would come back in almost the same shape if I ate it and puked, Chie-chan of my office said "If I remember right, it's Mr. Utada's (papa Utada's) favorite . . ."

"Really? With his THAT looks? I can't even imagine my dad's bringing out the word zunda mochi from his mouth. Are you sure?"

"I strongly remember that Mr. Utada said he loved zunda mochi very much, when we came to Sendai 6 years ago on the tour. (lol)"

"Then, would you go and ask him if he wanna eat this?" (half in doubt)

Chie-chan ran to the next room.
Chie-chan came back.
"He said he'd like just one piece of it!"

Geeeeeez! So my tough-looking dad really does eat zunda mochi~! I could never imagine that from his profile photo on the blog(He really looks like Gendou Ikari in the photo doesn't he?). I'm not sure how I can explain this odd feeling, it's like . . . it's like his Imperial Majesty eating Umai-bo . . .

Oh, I've gotta put on the costume now. - So curtain time came, the show started, the show ended, I took shower, and headed from the venue to Shinkansen by car.

While in the car, I had a relaxed conversation with my dad for the first time in ages.

"Say, I never thought dad would like zunda mochi~. Why do you like zunda?"

"Cause my mom often took me to Sendai and I often had it there when I was a little kid. It was surprisingly tasty and I loved it the first time I ate it."

"I see~. Eh, why Sendai? Huh? So could it be . . ."

(/ ' O ')/

(/ ' O ')/

(/ ' O ')/ So my grandma was from Sendai?

Er, come to that, I think I've heard that kind of thing before!

This trip would've been more profound if I'd noticed it . . . !
(And I would've used it as a MC talk in between songs . . . ! (voice in my heart))

I stepped into Shinkansen with a little feeling of regret in my mind!

I scarfed a box lunch of sake and ikura(salmon and salmon caviar). I was really starving. And no wonder because I exhausted myself that much. Chomp chomp chomp! Gulp gulp gulp! Munch munch munch! Now I see nothing around me! Hmgwahhh! FFFT!

"Er, e-excuse me, c-could you sign an autograph for me . . . ?"

Munch munch munch! Sake! Meshi(rice)! Ikura! chomp chomp ch

; ' o ') Eh?

A girl, with my poster in her hand, trembling like a small fawn, was standing there.

Some staff on alert stood up in Shinkansen, but after I said yes they set up the table, unrolled the poster and put my box lunch aside(lol) and then I finished writing my autograph.

I was so happy to see a cute girl's smile. I was supposed to be so happy, but . . . I was doing my show on that surreal stage only some hours before, and now, I was caught wearing no makeup, in washed-out hair, jeans and parka, scarfing ekiben being beside myself . . .
*slumps down* I, I feel ultra blue . . .

So I returned Tokyo now.
I brought home zunda mochi for souvenir, which tasted awesome. I find it great that something that looks like puke that much tastes that good.

My shows in Shizuoka starts tomorrow!

I'll do my best-*