Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How to spend Sunday Morning

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Awww Hi, Hikaru-chan"

'What happened, my Kuma Chang?'

"There is a new theme on Ulutora Buluu Unaiteddo Blog Me me me didn't know that Other people already uploaded their answers"

'Let's see. Oh yeah, there it is. It says <How do you spend Sunday Morning?>. So didn't you receive any email from the staff asking for your answer as before?'

"Waaaahh Me got kicked out of the blog Boo-hoo"

'Calm down my Kuma Chang. There might be some reasons for it. Maybe they were just careful not to put any burden on Kuma Chang who was busy preparing for the tour, I guess?'

"Me got the biggest number of trackbacks so others got jealous of me and counted me out Me sure of it That hurts that hurts"

'I don't think so~! So, how do you spend Sunday Morning my Kuma Chang?'

"Uh Me just sit around"

'Oh you do, hehe. But you are always sitting around!'

"Yes me do Hehehehehe"