Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fancy socks of the day

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

If you ask in which part I always try to look stylish, let's see, well that could be my socks! (everyone has their own sense of "stylish," you know*)

On Day One and Two in Osaka, I got tired-! I worked hard-! I did my best-! And I enjoyed them all-!

Every audience is unique in each place, which makes me happy because it brings a fresh sense to me every time, and I've been sorta keeping an eye on the guard people in each venue.

I'm not a guard-fetish type of person, but I just can't ignore them. All this time. I'm tellin' you, they do vary from place to place! It's not only about their looks, like their uniform and such - they are quite characteristic.

For example, what impressed me very much in Shizuoka Ecopa Stadium was that there were a lot of young female guard people there. I was so concerned about them! 'Cause they were so cute and cool! But only the guard-san in front of my backstage room was a middle-aged guy(lol) While basically they were all unreadable and precise, only this guy was smiling very nicely and spoke to me like "Have a nice evening!", which made me feel comfy a little! He looked gentle and good*

And Osaka Jo Hall! the guard people in there were all like young soldiers. They saluted, I mean, put their hand on their forehead and lined up their feet every time I walked past them! They were cute. Hehe. (Uh-oh, It's like I'm going to be suspected of a guard-fetish . . . )

Perhaps Osaka Jo Hall had the tightest security ever, not just their looks.
. . . Matter of fact, I was stopped in the corridor around the backstage area about 4 or 5 times . . . Awww!! I, I have no aura as an artist!!!(lol)

"Oh, excuse me, can I see your pass?"

"Oh, yes here . . ."

". . ."

". . ."

"I- I'm terribly sorry!"

I had this sort of thing a couple of times. Really.
Seems like I really . . . don't have the attitude down(T_T)

People told me "Everyone knows you by sight(lol)" when I made my pass just like other staff, but see! It was good that I made my own pass, after all!

Honestly, I was very pleased to be requested to show my pass.
(-o-) Heheheh

Finally I made use of my pass! I did it! (wonder if this is something I should be about, though)

So, thank you for your hard work, the guard people*