Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Father's birthday

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I got an invitation to high school reunion. It says . . .

Te….10th anniversary ?!


So it's been 10 years already!

Never thought time would go by this fast.

It seems like I receive the invitation to reunion every year(^^;)

Is this how it goes? Aren't you gonna appreaciate it less if you met your classmates every year?

Is it also common to hold it every year in Japan?

Actually I've never attended it so far . . . I occasionally meet my friends whom I wanna meet, and I didn't have much chances to get myself concerned with the school deeply as the things went pretty crazy soon after I moved to this senior high and debuted.(・ε・` )

Every year the place of reunion is chosen by a questionnaire since the graduates are all scattered across different parts of the world. Most of the time the result ends up being devided in two, either US west coast or east coast. It was held in San Fransisco last year if I remember it right.

They say, this year it's to be held in New York! Then I might be able to make it! I feel kind happy about it!

I guess there should be some people who wold come all the way to the US from overseas . . . just for the reunion. Just how desperately they wanna reunion their classmates! (lol)

So perhaps it's held every year taking people living in different countries into consideration. Because you know, not many people would gather if it's held once every five years.

Hmmm so it's already been 10 years since I graduated from senior high~! It was just after I released "Wait & See ~RISK~." I was 17 years old!

In America you enter schools in September and finish them in June, so the time around now in summer gives me kind of sweet-sour feeling. Maybe in Japan you would feel this feeling in around early spring I guess. The excitement, high aspirations you get before you enter a college or start a new semester, and the sense of loneliness made by graduation. So many feelings come to my mind.

And after that . . . it's been a long 10 years I should say. _| ̄|○

It's been like, I juggled around here and there, following my interests, feeling my way, not caring about myself at all, without learning what it means to relate to others, what it means to take care of people around, having enjoyed lots of fun things with no responsibility nor reproach. I did well in business but matter of fact is I was running on the road to perdition . . . something like that, it was.

Woot, this looks pretty much like I enjoyed my youth doesn't it ! ! ! (Er, am I wrong on this? (lol))

Seems like my youth has lasted pretty long (lol) I mean, it seems like I've been a child for a long time.

I made some pretty grand statements in my book I released as the 10th anniversary of my debut, and I think I wrote them in a way like to shake off people around, and it was a selfish revealing.

I would like to face myself more level-headedly, grounded, with love, and interact with myself and people around.

Those thought come into my mind this summer, 27th summer for me.

What I've written above has nothing to do with this but today is my father's birthday.

Dad, happy birthday to you