Sunday, August 01, 2010

Life with flowers

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Yesterday I received a beautiful bouquet at work

By holding it your hands are full of flowers, and there are various kind of flowers in it, various and fantastic enough to make you think the air you breathe would consist of more flower scents than oxygen . . .

Especially this big ajisai(hydrangea) is breathtakingly beeeeeeeeautiful!

So last night, when I returned home eshausted after doing a big job for the first time in a while first I had a shower and all I needed was just to relax and hit the sack, but . . .

Flowers!! Yes, flowers!! Gotta move them into a vase!!

That thought hit me! then

I started disassembling the big bouquet in the kitchen

And figured out it was much bigger than I thought!!

Other than big hydrangea what I found were: 2 x huge winding leaves; approx. 40 x blue roses; approx. 20 to 30 x purple flower which I don't know the name; 3 x skinny long-legged ghost like white flowers; 2 x reminds-you-of-a-mixture-of-heaven-and-southern-island looking huge leaves (I love these but totally forgot the name); 1 x yellow-green, blueberry like thing; 2 x red-edged leaves . . .

I have to admit all the vases at home (4 in total, big ones and small ones) are completely outnumbered . . . ! ! !

So I couldn't help but pull out this and that like empty bottles and such, to put flowers in vases and them one after another, pondering the combination of each flower.

I got all excited, going hyper alone at midnight thanks to dopamine secretion in my brain in the middle of those works! (in the quiet of the night)

I did finish putting the flowers in the vases but . . .

There's no decent space to place them ! ! ! !

So I just put them wherever I could put them. At the side of the TV, on the table, on the bookshelf, in the kitchen, toilet, bathroom!

Flowers, flowers, flowers are everywhere, all around my house!

My life surrounded flowers has begun~.

Pity those cut flowers can't live long . . . I'll love them as long as possible, changing water for them everyday! (*´ー`*)