Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Never knew what "non-no" means . . . !!

I'm pretty sure you know "non-no," the name of the famous magazine!

I never knew it meant "flower" in Ainu - - - !!

Ooooooooh - - - ! I got it - - - !

What a cute word it is - !

The mysterious word "non-no," as a magazine it's been so common that it never made me wonder about its name. (Or perhaps I might've taken this name as some kind of pun when I first saw it . . . especially since there are a lot of pun-ish magazine names outh there)

I must say it's a damn cute name - !

Could it be that everyone already know this? Am I okay? I'm so excited! Am I all right?!

A 27-years-old woman, checking Ainu language from this early in the morning . . .(・ω・)