Tuesday, December 11, 2001

All Is Full Of Bjork!!

WOOOHOOO! I went to see Bjork in concert last Friday at Tokyo International Forum!! Whew it felt so so so good being there that we, me and my friends, couldn't help but get excited, shout aloud with the almost-crying face which made us look like a strange group. We were something like "the people just before being arrested." I think the best way to express what that show was like is, "I think it was the first time I felt that comfortable, except at home"! Probably the border between me and air was blurring. Or better I should say, It's like the border between me and Bjork was gone. I believe it happened to others in there as well. The air in the hall was so full of Bjork that it turned everything into her sole emotion. It felt really comfortable, just like when I was an unborn fetus before being conscious of my self(I don't remember it though!(lol)). It was like "letting myself vanish," rather than "forgetting myself." If only everyone in the world could experience that feeling! I was so lucky enough to be there!!!

It's been a long time since I went to see a live concert last and the one I just saw was so amazing that it really made me eager to do a live show!!! I wanna be able to give such a feeling like that to the people too. Ah when will I be able to do it I wonder . . . Anywayz! First of all! I've got to get! this album completed . . .

Oh yes and guess what!!!? Can you believe it, I I I SHOOK HANDS WITH BJORK!!! WITH MY RIGHT HAND!!(Gee, I don't know any good smileys to express this feeling ---!)