Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Happy New Year!!!

It's the Year 2002! How did you all spend your New Year's Day!

Me, I just had the most relaxing and joyfull new year's eve! Usually I am working till late night, so this is very rare, I'm so happy......, for some of my musicians who are working, I'm sorry! All this time I have been working very hard and I rewarded myself! I ate mikan(japanese orange), dango(japanese dumpling), watched TV, play video game, made some phone calls, unwind myself! The mikan that I ate on New year's eve has really got that sweet delicious and delightful taste, I never knew it taste this good?? First time I've watched KOUHAKU, the special Japanese musical events(being watch by most families while gathering for the new year's eve) also K-1!!, I forgot about writing songs in one day, finally I feel that I have thoroughly observed the Japanese New Year. From now the next thing that will trouble me is,... which of the three videos that I rented will I watch first, all are classic Japanese movie(very old), not really the kind of movie that an 18 year old girl will choose.
No matter though this year, these are the moments that I will cherished! All these usual lavish parties and entertainments with everyone surrounds me including my friends, I would say that I had a warmly comfortable new year's eve instead, perhaps this might be the ambiance of the world, for this year so to speak.
Year 2001, I had an unsteady life, moving from here and there(Japan /NY), back and forth a lot of times and somehow got used to this time difference until it distubs my proper usual time. But this year I will make music as if an hour shaked bottle of soda (or carbonated drink) has been opened and everything inside spit out in a great volume!! Here and there, everywhere, where I can reach and be close to all of you, I will do my very best!!!
I wish you all the best, best year, let's make this world the best. Regards!!

Utada Hikaru
2001 / New Year's Day - oops nope!

2002 / New Year's Day☆

credits to Yam @ HikkiCentral who originally translated this message.
(NOTE by Nuuk)
"three videos that I rented" ... "Suna no Utsuwa(1974)" / "Hakkoudasan(1977)" / "Tsubaki Sanjuro(1962)"