Saturday, January 26, 2002

I'm already 19---!

It's been a long time and yet the title does not provide a device at all! hmmmp! But hear this, last Jan. 19 was my 19th birthday also! Considering all the countless blessings that I received I thought It's really wonderful. (All of you too) on the morning of your birthday, while on the way to school, or while walking inside the school campus, your heart does beat so fast, doesn't it? (All of you did, didn't you?) Suppose everyone inside the classroom extend greetings or suppose those few friends only whom you considered pals, the fact that your own birthday is being remember, it doesn't matter by whom or how many, is really something to be grateful! And so, there are so many places with so many people, from whom I received enormous surprise . . . I'm so happy, it's a kind of happiness that made your eyeball spinning round and round. I had this sensation and I wonder. . . am I really a very important person?!

Now, aside from this eyeball spinning talk I would like to add also, that my computer browser lately is not working ahhhhh! (okey it's an excuse) This message page that I have to register won't let me in. Okey, how did this message got here? This message was sent by e-mail to Kaji San, he made a copy to be recieve and post for this site. Also later today I will meet Kaji San ( it's not a date, it's work) at the same time I would ask him to give "Mr. Browser" a treatment. So that next time I can easily write a message, pls. pray for a good result! Because if this doesn't work , I'm gonna have to write messages in an inconvenient way and for sure this would affect the constancy in a way and this is absolutely not good, this computer should have had a full repair. ( This repair should have done much earlier)

Once my computer is fully repaired I would write more messages! I have so many things to write.
(It seems that a new single released date is final already? ? ? woooooow?)

credits to Yam @ HikkiCentral who originally translated this message.