Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Dr. Kaji and Captain Utada

Seems like my computer has got well completely, after having had a large operation by Dr. Kaji!! It hasn't come back to me yet, since it's still in his hospital. Actually I e-mailed him this message again to get it copied and pasted here. But my computer can be picked up after a couple of days - it's a long time since I saw that "white-colored guy" ~♪ (can you tell now what kind of PC I have?)

By the way it's likely my computer was messed up, according to Kaji san. Hmmm well, I see, "messed up" . . . what on earth have I done to that poor computer?? (lol) I used it only for surfing www or emailing - did nothing complicated with it . . . I really have no idea how come this happened! Then it may be because I was taking very poor care of it. Oh no. I'm a Capricorn/blood type A who's supposed to be precise and brisk - ( T+T) (huh? sounds surprising?) Or am I so poor at using machines - No I cannot be! Recently I've been using my computer much more frequently and longer than ever - when working hard I sometimes spend much more time making the songs data alone in front of the huge music equipment larger than the length of my arms(←this may sound like I'm really poor at using machines(lol)) and computer, than laying down on my bed . . . anyway!! Here I swear I'll take a little better care of my computer from now on!

You know, come to think of it, these days musicians use machines so often and it really makes me feel like 21st century has come. Even I am getting to make all songs and demo data by using music applications. Me, such a tiny girl who messes up a laptop used only for email before she knows it. (lol) What's going on in music industry. Yes, I've been making songs and demo data using a software called Digital Performer 3 since a while ago and it's very smart and excellent! I've been thinking like people with brains or talents are so sexy, whichever they are male or female, and this software definitely reminds me of those. I'm in love with it. This software is actually used in the studio to make the final sound which is to reach your ears. Before getting in the studio I used to prepare the demos alone at home using the built-in sequencer of KORG's Trinity/Triton since around "(Wait & See)Risk", and while watching people using DP3 in the studio I thought maybe I could manage it, make the demos using it from the beginning. So I started using it, sometimes calling Mr. Tsunemi the programmer - well-known for Bohemian Summer Tour appearances (see, he's the programmer whom Elvis' costume fits best of all . . . (lol)) - asking to save me from the crisis, since the end of last year. It's really cool - it automatically changes the melody I play to the score or shows it to me as the wavelength . . . With it I can tweak every sound in detail almost infinitely.

But the more I use it, the more it makes me think it's so dangerous to treat music, which is emotional and intuitive, completely like a data. 'Cause, in a sense it's something like treating life just as an arrangement of DNA, a scientific data. It IS definitely one side of life, though. Or I just might need to understand it's a part of structure. So I wanna keep sailing on, taking it to heart that if "machinery" is something like a ship, it cannot have motive power and heading direction without "emotions" called Wind and Sea, no matter how highly the ship is technologized!

Captain Hikki keeps sailing on, heading for the continent yet to be seen.
That's all for now!

(」`ロ`) Aye Aye, Sir!