Friday, February 01, 2002

Captain Utada is a little like a bad hubby . . .

Well well, at first I was thinking I'd talk about my new single after I got my computer back, but I'm gonna write it now! Um, no, I'll do it next time(hey girl, how many times did you change your mind? (lol)), before that, I've got something to tell you for a long, looooooong time. Looooooong. For 53 days, to be exact . . . Let's count it, about 53 days ago, that is about December, 9th. December 9th of last year is . . . yes! That's 3rd anniversary of Utada Hikaru's debut!! Many, many thanks to those who remembered it --- !!!!!

Aaaaaahhhh I could finally say it! Whew I feel better now! I'd been thinking I needed to say it, for a loooooong time! Ah, feels like it's a long time ago face mark I know I'm late saying it! I'm so sorry!! Well . . . actually I forgot it, just a little(only just a little bit, you know)and the next day I remembered it while checking e-mail. Then I was away from my PC for a couple of days and lost the chance to talk about it. Har har har. Hmm, I feel like I got to know the feeling of a bad hubby a little at this age, who forgot his wedding anniversary! (lol)

Marking the 3rd anniversary of the debut I've got a lot of encouraging messages like talking about how he/she came across me; looking back over the past 3 years and telling me he/she will continue to keep an eye on me in the future. I read every email and mail and deeply impressed with them. You know, every time someone tells me "I love you" it makes me rrrrealllly happy, although it seems so simple!!! I wanna tell this to all the couples, or married couples, father/mother and son/daughter, friends, everyone who believe they've been sharing each other's feelings for a long time enough to think like "do I have to say that again?" ! (is this getting to sound like a big deal??) Something great will surely happen, if you tell someone you care about how much you love them. It makes everyone happy, I'm sure.

"Utada 'Hikaru(in Chinese character)'" is owned only by myself no matter how far it goes, but "Utada 'Hikaru(in Katakana)'" stands next to - let me see - the promise between you and me, doesn't it? So I think my debut anniversary - of building a bridge between us - is something like a wedding anniversary in a sense. (Don't you think so?) I've got to take more care of it. All right, I promise I'll be a "better hubby" this year --- !

(NOTE by Nuuk)
'Hikaru' in Chinese character ... real first name of Hikki.
'Hikaru' in Katakana ... stage first name of Hikki.